Apr 08 2014

Free WiFi for Harrow as Hotspots Go Live

harrow_council_logoNow you can work, browse and play with super-fast internet access – in all of Harrow’s busiest places

Tablets, mobiles and laptops are lighting up across Harrow after the big switch-on brought the very latest in WiFi technology to the borough. From Harrow-on-the-Hill to Burnt Oak Broadway, 18 brand new WiFi stations are giving lightning-fast internet reception to anyone within 150 feet. So now you can email in your favourite café, browse at the bus stop or tweet at the train station – all at lightning-fast speeds. And the best part is: it’s completely free.

Every user gets 30 minutes free access each day, and then a variety of options to give you more – ranging from 24-hour access to pay-as-you-go. And cells across the network will make sure Harrow’s businesses and workers have full-time access to the fastest mobile experience available.

What’s more, it hasn’t cost a single penny of Harrow taxpayers’ money. In fact, your Council is getting extra cash to make the borough cleaner, safer and fairer – with a share of subscriptions and advertising revenues. That’s thanks to Harrow Council’s deal with telecoms giant Arqiva, which won a ten-year contract to provide the service. Look out for one of their adapted phone kiosks near you – or for their teams, who will be installing extra wireless equipment around the borough, to keep on improving the service.

Cllr Susan Hall, leader of Harrow Council, said: “Top quality WiFi is something that the business community is coming to rely on, and of course it is a handy facility for visitors and other people coming to the borough.
“Whether you are checking email on a smart phone or reporting back to base via a laptop, you will find Harrow an increasingly friendly place to be. Arqiva have a great track record having supplied this service in other London boroughs like Camden, and have customers like Manchester City Council on their books. I hope Harrow residents enjoy their free access.”

Users will have always have free access to www.harrow.gov.uk. Filters in place are designed to block access to potentially inappropriate content.

To access the Wi-Fi services you will need to be in an area of network coverage.

Residents will be able to enjoy 30 minutes of internet access, per device, per day at no cost. A one-time registration is required to access the free internet access. Additional access may require the supply of additional registration details including payment information. After the 30 minutes has expired users have a range of choices to remain connected to the internet including pay-as-you-go and third party roaming services. Arqiva is wholesaler for use of the network to other providers.

Users are able to receive unlimited access to the council’s online services, regardless of their current provider, accessible by any device with Wi-Fi connectivity. The user will not be required to register to use the Wi-Fi network in order to access these council services online.

Access to 4G services will be provided through the mobile network operators and you will need a device that is compatible with the new technology in order to make use of the faster speeds available through 4G.

The 18 WiFi kiosks are located in Greenford Rd; Northolt Rd; Long Elmes; College Hill Rd; Kenton Rd; Kenton Lane; Bridge St; Uxbridge Rd; Rayners Lane; Buckingham Parade; Burnt Oak Broadway; Station Rd;  Shaftesbury Parade and Canons Park Station.

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