Apr 24 2014

Free Women-Only Cycle Training in Harrow

cyclingEveryone living, working or studying in Harrow can take advantage of free cycle training sessions as part of Harrow’s bid to get people cycling. However, a new campaign launched by Harrow Council is aimed specifically at women with a view to raise road safety awareness and get women more active.

Thanks to funding from TfL, Harrow Council commissioned Cycle Experience to get more people into cycling, offer bike maintenance and raise awareness of road safety.

As research shows that women are less likely than men to get involved in sports activities, a new women’s cycle club has been launched which has already seen over 40 women sign up and participate. The sessions are held on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8pm at Elmgrove Primary School, Kenmore Avenue, Harrow. In the summer, the women’s bike club will be on the road for evening cycling sessions.

Designed for both inexperienced and experienced riders, the sessions are run by Cycle Experience, a division of the TTC Group, a UK leader in road safety education.

Basic cycling and maintenance skills are on offer including fixing punctures and knowing how to adjust brakes. Cyclists also learn how to map a route, plan a journey, rider nutrition and all about the essential equipment needed. Good cycling posture and stretching are also skills learned on the inaugural course.

Jeffrey Sarpong, Road Safety Officer at Harrow Council said: “We are pleased to be backing this initiative which helps get those living, working or studying in Harrow cycling while also raising awareness of road safety. The free cycling sessions have already proven to be popular amongst women in Harrow since its launch in January earlier this year. The sessions come with both health benefits and practical advice on bike maintenance and road safety.”

Hannah McQuarrie, one of nine UK regional co-ordinators for Cycle Experience said: “Cycle Experience is passionate about getting as many people on their bikes as possible. Working with Harrow, we hope to create a positive, safe environment for women to enjoy riding at whatever level and with all the support they might need. There is a real club atmosphere and many women come for the fun as well as the training. So far four beginner cyclists have learned to ride with us while others have improved on their riding and maintenance skills.”

In March, Harrow resident and SKY news reader Kay Burley received cycling tips from her instructor as part of the free scheme. She praised scheme and instructors who helped her feel confident and at ease ahead of her Tour de France challenge.

Jean Power (39), from Kenton, said: “My confidence in cycling and being able to maintain a bike has leapt and I’m looking forward to a new sense of freedom and getting fitter.”

Harrow Women’s Bike Club is free for those who live or work in Harrow and open to all women whatever their current cycling ability or fitness level.

For more information or to register for the group, contact Hannah McQuarrie on 07530 711 681, or visit the Cycle Experience website.

For more information on other road safety initiatives in Harrow, contact Jeffrey Sarpong on: 020 8424 7592.

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  1. Jeremy Zeid

    In the intetests of EQUALITY as opposed to the selective special privileges dressed up as “equality” by the politically correct Cultural Marxists, will we be seeing matching funding for a MEN ONLY cycling course, or will that porcine overflight, landing unaided at Northolt take place first.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Good initiative especially since it encourages ladies of all age groups and fitness.We seem to suffer from more bone related problems,in particular osteoporosis as we get on,so this is a good way to keep fit.Should help keep arthritis at bay and even improve circulation for sufferers.I expect now everybody wants a part of the action!It’s hard enough getting us ladies to join sports,often having too many other duties to cope with.So please quit objecting,and let us get a headstart.

  3. j p Hobbs

    If Harrow is now so safe , why do we need Women only cycling ?

  4. sonoo malkani

    Give us gals a break,guys!It’s about ROAD safety–not about Crimes in Harrow!

    Please, stop nit-picking and appreciate an initiative which will definitely help us promote better health for women along with increased safety on the roads, once they have learned useful tips and rules.

    Be a sport!

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