Jun 29 2015

Freebies! Free Bike Hire for Harrow’s Councillors and Staff

brompton-black-blueHarrow Councillors and Council Staff will be able to take advantage of another freebie at the Civic Centre from July. During a two month trial, councillors and staff will be able to hire, for free, a Brompton folding bicycle (pictured).

The council’s own internal bulletin on this chirps, “Take it for work related travel, to get some exercise over lunch, after work or over the weekend. The foldable Brompton bicycle will fit in the boot of your car and can be taken on trains, buses and the overground at peak times. The options for using a folding bike are endless!”

Admittedly, there are one or two councillors who could do with losing a few pounds, but equally, this is a very good deal, not funded, we’d hope, by Harrow’s council tax payers. The scheme, from Brompton Bike Hire, has a regular daily rental of between £2.50 and £5.00, and should this come to fruition as a permanent fixture in the borough’s Civic Centre, we’d hope that it weren’t subsidised.

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  1. j hobbs

    Will Susan ride side saddle ?

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    Will you be posting any pictures of councillors, who take up the offer, in their cycling gear?

    1. j hobbs

      You just want to see Susan in Lycra shorts , mmmm now why didnt i think of that .

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