Feb 17 2015

Glorious Leader Locked Out of Own Walkabout of Republic of Harrow

dave_noheadNews tonight that Glorious Leader Perry, on his first get-out-and-meet-the-people walkabout of the borough has come crashing to a halt. Illustrating, yet again, why the group are incapable of running a multi-million pound council, Dave turned up only to find the doors to the Community Hall padlocked shut. Reasons why are unclear, but it’s probably just another cock-up, and nobody thought to tell the caretaker that Glorious Leader would be visiting.

The event was due to start over an hour ago, and there’s no word as to whether it’s cancelled, or will be going ahead on the streets of South Harrow, whilst the litter blows by. Of perhaps he’s simply gone to the wrong place. Whatever, not off to a great start for the Glorious Walkabouts.

Update: Glorious Leader banged on a  few doors, and ended up in the Royal British Legion Hall opposite. However, by this point, some residents had given up and wandered off back where it was warmer. Not your finest hour, Dave, not your finest hour.

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  1. David Richmond

    He must be careful doing these walkabouts, as he might spot the litter piling up in places like Pinner from his “service improvements”

  2. J.welby

    The worst leader has left out the whole of Harrow East. We pay our taxes and we should be able to complalin about the closures of libraries, £75 for bins and neglect Harrow East. Bring on UKIP

  3. Kolt

    It’s unbelievable this guy became leader. Honestly, he’s so out of his depth it’s laughable.

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