Mar 16 2012

Going to Harrow tip this weekend?

Dump? Tip? Waste and Recycling Centre? Whatever you call it, if you’re off there this weekend, with the results of a long day’s clearout, here’s the address:

Forward Drive

It’s open from 8.30am to 4.30pm every day of the year except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Weekends and Bank Holidays are always busy time, so if you can’t go in the week, be prepared to queue to get in. Be patient, though – if you’re queuing outside of the gates, it’ll take you only 5-10 minutes wait. You’ve probably waited longer at the Post Office.

Be sure to use the right bays for your waste. Wood, cans, mattress and bottles/cans will be the first batch of bays on your left as you arrive. At the far end is metal and batteries. You can leave any electronic stuff (TVs, computers, Dyson’s, etc) with one of the staff for recycling. All the bays in between are for general waste.

Got a fridge? Oven? Dishwasher? Washing machine? Don’t queue to go up the ramp, bear right as you enter the site, and talk to one of the staff on the entrance. They’ll direct you.

Source: Harrow Council

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