Oct 02 2014

Google Hunting – What Does a Union Leader and a Porsche GT3 Have in Common?

20141002_gary_martin_cropSome random images, which may or may not, be linked by anything other than a Google search.

Firstly, the mug-shot. That’s Gary Martin, Branch Secretary of Harrow UNISON. They’re the union who went on strike recently, leaving hundred of Harrow residents without bin collections. Lovely chap, down to earth is our Gary.

Next up is a ‘About Me” from PistonHeads – the car fan’s favourite website. They also have a Gary Martin as one of their users. And their Gary had a nickname of ‘Gary GT3’



Now the Civil Service Motoring Association, North West London Group (that’s the same ‘North West London’ that Harrow’s in) have a regular newsletter. We found an a couple of oldish editions, but no matter. We’ve got some clippings. And they also have a Gary Martin, and this one also drives a Porsche GT3. What are the chances?




Now UNISON, who our Gary Martin works for, wrote this on their website recently:


And a picture of a Porsche GT3? Of course…


Now, surely you wouldn’t have a UNISON Branch Secretary complaining bitterly about his members’ – “hard working members” at that – “low” pay, and then find out your UNISON Branch Secretary drives a Porsche, would you?


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  1. Susan Hall

    Well well well, now this is interesting. Gary did indeed have a Porsche although I think he has now sold it. He has also constantly said that the Chief Exec job should be reinstated. I have never been able to work that out as I always thought that the Unions were for the ‘workers’ the front line officers. I am certainly their number one supporter, and they know it. Gary has always said we needed a Chief Executive and was furious when I did not consult the Unions on removing the position. I disagree as I have said on another story. I managed without one and dont see why Labour should not. Whoever considers Labour as the friends of the front line need to think again. We Conservatives understand the value of clean streets, well kept parks, street lights and without question the Arts Centre where thousands of residents use the facilities and the Heritage Museum. What a pity we are not in control. Sadly the good residents of Harrow will get what they voted for and will realise what that is when everything goes pear shaped.

  2. Gary

    Well well well Investigative journalism in its finest form. The only thing missing is a picture of me relaxing in my speedos on a beach in Rio. It is obviously a slow week for you Paul if you have the time to spend putting my name into search engines. Regrettably you appear to be on the wrong track.
    As Obi-Wan-Kenobi would have said with a wave of his hand “This is not the Gary Martin you are looking for”

    Susan you are correct I did have a Porsche and as opulent as you or others may find that, it was considerably less pricey than the Fiat 500 even before you graced it with the personalised number plate.However it would be undignified of me to turn this into a tit-for-tat response.

    For clarity I have never owned a GT3 although I’ve always admired the Aston Martin DB9 as driven by the working class hero James Bond.

    Additionally for the avoidance of any further mistaken belief I am not ‘Harrow Dude’

    1. PraxisReform

      James Bond a working class hero? Are you sure you’re not confusing Royal Navy Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, with the erstwhile Harrow Councillor of the same name?

      In You Only Live Twice, Flemming tells us that Bond is the son of a Scottish father, Andrew Bond, of Glencoe and a Swiss mother, Monique Delacroix of the Canton de Vaud. As a child James Bond spends much of his early life abroad because of his father’s work as a Vickers armaments company representative.

      Bond is orphaned at the age of 11 when his parents are killed in a mountain climbing accident in the Aiguilles Rouges near Chamonix. Whereupon he goes to live with his aunt Miss Charmian Bond, in the village of Pett Bottom, and completes his early education. Later, he briefly attends Eton College at “12 or thereabouts”, but is removed after two halves because of “girl trouble” with one of the maids.

      After leaving Eton, Bond was sent to Fettes College in Scotland (his father’s old school). Flemming later alludes to Bond briefly attending the University of Geneva, before being taught to ski in Kitzbuhel.

      In 1941 Bond joins a branch of what was to become the Ministry of Defence and becomes a Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserves, ending the war as a Commander. Bond applies to M for a position within the “Secret Service” and rises to the rank of Principal Officer.

      At the start of Casino Royale, Bond is already a 00 agent, having been given the position after killing two enemy agents (a Japanese spy on the thirty-sixth floor of the RCA Building at the Rockefeller Center in New York City, and a Norwegian double-agent who had already betrayed two British agents).

      Then, according to the Soviet file on him in From Russia, With Love, Bond had been made a Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George.

      Thus, as a blunt instrument under the control of the British Government, I don’t think you could find a more “establishment”, and less working class hero.

      1. red mirror

        praxis you have too much time on your hands why dont you research something worthwhile like the 76p of your council tax that goes to central government or the chemtrails that criss cross our skies every day of the week full of aluminium strontium cadmium barium etc etc the real world matey ok wether you like it or not scaramanga exists not in some hideaway island but in westminster so put on your bow tie fire up the aston and go get him tiger.

  3. Gary

    Susan, have you found my car, I have looked in all car parks but unable to locate please assist, I need now to part exchange it for a Chinnock helicopter, now that the helipad is complete at Unison towers.


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