Oct 25 2014

Googling David Perry and Getting Odd Results

20141025_google_logoAs you can imagine, Google is the starting point for many of the stories published on iharrow. We’ve been chasing down one tip-off today (more to come on that later, perhaps) and did a quick Google on ‘david perry harrow’. Being the leader of the council, he’s obviously a person of interest to residents – and bloggers – in Harrow.

At the bottom of some 171,000 hits, was this odd message (and you can try it yourself, here).

20141025_perry_resultsOdd. The legislation it refers to is more commonly the Right to be Forgotten – essentially, individuals can apply to Google to have links to certain, defined, internet sources removed from Google’s search engines. This doesn’t mean that the information no longer exists, somewhere on the internet – just that Google won’t deliver it when you search for it, displaying, instead, the message above on the results page. Typical things are the photo of you vomiting in a bar in some far-flung sun-scorched holiday island in your late teens whilst your mates laugh, that sort of thing.

Interestingly, searches for “david perry”, “david harrow”  and “perry harrow” do not show the message. But odder still, searching for “david perry councillor” and “david perry harrow councillor” does. Now, of course, there could be more than one David Perry (in fact there are several), but it’s extremely strange why the ‘some results…removed’ notification appears only in certain combinations.

We’ve got an FOI request in with the council to see if they’ve made any applications under Article 12 of the EU Directive 95/46/EC, so we’ll see what comes back. Probably nothing…

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