Jan 31 2013

Great Leader’s 47p pint – Idaikkadar the Milk Snatcher

milk_glassHarrow’s Great Leader Idaikkadar declared in his blog this week, that “…the two per cent rise in council tax amounts to 47p a week – the cost of a pint of milk…” Since there’s now no way that the Council would tell us where he buys his milk from – heck, we can’t even get an email back from the Council’s Chief Exec these days –  we took it upon ourselves to find out if it were, in fact, possible to buy a pint of milk for 47p.

The answer, it would seem, is a resounding no.

So, where did we look? Firstly, we looked at Milk and More, and found that a 4-pint bottle would cost £1.99 – which is a touch over 49p/pint. A pint of semi-skinned is 72p. That is for home delivery, though, so perhaps he expects us to have to walk to the nearest shop.

So, we checked Tesco, and found a pint of their milk ranges from 49p to 58p.

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]…even the mighty British cuppa is no match for Harrow’s Labour-led victimisation of the poor.[/pullquote]

Was the Great Leader telling us a little fib? Well, maybe, maybe not. Almost a year ago, the BBC listed the price of a pint of milk at 46p, so perhaps he figured he’d get away with it. After all, that a UK average price, and who’d check up on him?

In the BBC article above, Anthony King, professor of British government at the University of Essex, says he understands why milk is a “shorthand – or a way of expressing succinctly that a politician may be out of touch“.

We don’t doubt that you could, if you try, find milk for 47p a pint – if you bought it in bulk, but how many of the borough’s cash-strapped pensioners are going to get through four pints of the stuff before it goes off?

Harrow’s pensioners should probably start preparing for April’s Council Tax rises by cutting back on their cups of tea. It might have got us through two World Wars, but even the mighty British cuppa is no match for Harrow’s Labour-led victimisation of the poor.

Idaikkadar the milk snatcher. It even sounds right.

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