Feb 16 2015

Grimsdyke Expansion Gets Goahead, Despite Residents’ Concerns

harrow_council_logoShowing contempt for residents, the Council has voted to go ahead with the expansion of Grimsdkye school in an already congested area. Concerns were raised by residents over the quality of the initial consultation, as well as the traffic nightmare any expansion would bring to the area. Despite the decision being referred back from the Council’s Call-In Committee, on the very point of traffic chaos, the Labour administration has chosen to ignore those concerns, and plough ahead anyway with the idea.

The packed cabinet meeting heard that the the scheme should go ahead, even though none of the paperwork addressed the very issue of traffic: not even a map of the area, as that would have shown the traffic bottleneck.

Remember, folks, this is the same bunch of sorry has-beens who are going to vote on rewarding themselves with a 2.2% pay rise very shortly.


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