Feb 16 2015

Grimsdyke School Expansion back on the Agenda

harrow_council_logoResidents around Grimsdkyke school might be inclined to pop along to the Council’s cabinet meeting tonight from 6.30pm at the Civic Centre to see if the planned expansion gains approval. As the briefing pack for tonight’s meeting says:

On 15 January 2015, Cabinet agreed that the statutory proposals to permanently expand Grimsdyke School by one form entry (30 pupils) from 1 September 2015 be approved. The report considered by Cabinet is attached at Appendix 4.

On 22 January 2015, a Call-In Notice signed by 8 Members of Council (all Conservative Members) was received citing the grounds of (a) inadequate consultation with stakeholders prior to the decision and (b) the absence of adequate evidence on which to base the decision. The Call-In Notice is attached at Appendix 1. Grounds (a) and (b) were validated and a meeting of the Call-In Sub-Committee was held on 2 February 2015 to consider the CallIn notice. The subsequent reference arising from the Sub-Committee meeting is attached at Appendix 2 for Cabinet Members’ consideration.

The Sub-Committee agreed that the call-in on ground (b) be upheld as it was believed that the evidence provided to Cabinet was too broad and strategic for the borough and should have been more focused and specific to Grimsdyke School particularly in relation to the traffic management issues. They also agreed that the remaining ground for call-in, (a), be not upheld. In accordance with Committee Procedure Rule 45.8.3, Cabinet must reconsider its original decision within 10 clear working days of a referral by the Call-In Sub-Committee. Cabinet is requested to either confirm or amend its decision of 15 January 2015 in relation to this matter.

When: February 16, 2015 from 6.30pm

Where: Harrow Civic Centre, Committee Rooms 1 and 2



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