Feb 25 2016

Guest Post: Cllr Ashton on Labour’s Pavement “Repairs”

conservative_logoDear Editor,

A resident of Wealdstone ward recently contacted me, after receiving an unsolicited letter from his three Labour ward councillors. In the letter, the councillors boast of securing the resources to have local pavements repaired and improved, and hope that residents welcome the work that has been done. Unfortunately for the three councillors concerned, and as iharrow readers will to see from the photographs the resident has provided, it’s very clear that absolutely no work has been done on these pavements for some time.

On one level there’s something slightly funny about this; setting a new standard of politicians taking credit for something they quite literally haven’t done. However in reality, what’s happened is three Labour politicians have spent public money printing letters, not to support or assist residents, or to inform them about something they may find useful, but in taking them for fools. And that’s much less funny, in my view.

Even if I wanted to give the councillors the benefit of the doubt by assuming the letters were simply delivered to the wrong road, I can’t, because it appears they were individually addressed. The resident who contacted me teased that these Labour councillors may just have a very strange understanding of what the word ‘improvement’ means. Indeed, given the state of so many things across Harrow at the moment, the old adage about a little bit of truth being behind every joke is sounding more and more convincing.


Cllr. Marilyn Ashton (Conservative)

Stanmore Park Ward

Harrow Council



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  1. Melanie

    It must be so frustrating to see Harrow deteriorate from our halcyon days under Cllr David Ashton’s leadership. Truly the “good old days”. But Labour seem to struggle with the truth. Their denial that Whitchurch Playing Fields is education land is an outright lie. I have the paperwork from the village green inquiry that states it is undeniably education land, that the Labour council had tried to dispose of without seeking the correct permission. Either this administration thinks Harrow is a borough full of fools, or all our Labour councillors are, in fact, that stupid.

    1. the red mirror

      malanie of course they take all of us for fools dont be surprised i have been trying to highlight the fact for ages that harrow council illegally and fraudulently print their own summonses for non payment of council tax when i confronted a former female conservative cllr with these facts she assured me i was wrong and stated that the head of the council tax team was a jolly good fellow of integrity and i was wrong BUT i am not all the summonses are a generic copy which is mass printed at the civic center WHICH IS ILLEGAL UNLAWFUL AND FRAUDULENT melanie unless peoples backsides depart from sofas and start waking up i am afraid it is going to get a lot worse than paving slabs god bless .

  2. Someonewhocares

    I do not think that the Labour Councillors are really that stupid but I have noted a few times now that they really do seem to believe their own lies, and which amounts to the same thing. Their other trick is to keep repeating the same mistruths in the (vain) hope that we will all start to believe it too – which unfortunately also amounts to the same thing!

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    Might be a good idea if councillors took an IQ test and gave the results to us alongside any election material.

  4. DAY

    Shame my response to Mrs Ashton’s remarks have not appeared . I did send her some pictures of our so called conservation area and the state that her and her laughably planning committee left it but as usual I got nor reply. DELETED I SUPPOSE NOT SUPRISED

  5. Peter Day

    Still no response to the above No surprise there then, I expect they were discarded as usual only interested in in knocking opponents, Mrs Ashton’s reign as the chairperson on the planning committee was disastrous just ask any resident that lives on the PINNER WOOD PARK so called CONSERVATON AREA. Of course their own conservation rules do not apply to the council when it comes to the upkeep of the public areas like pavements trees grass verges and public gardens like the one between Evelyn Drive and Altham Road ( In the councils own documents of 30th May 2009 it states that grass verges would be replaced where black tarmac has been put ) Nothing has happened still waiting, in fact Woodhall Drive was updated with new TARMAED grass verges not long ago. Other roads in the borough have had new paving and driveways replaced, we can only presume a councillors lives in these roads. It must be the most unkempt estate in the entire Borough They even put in UPVC windows in one of their own council house on our estate when they insist on wood for the rest of us, and when told they replace them ( at our cost of course ) in wood nothing like the same design that they insist us residents should use.

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