Aug 30 2016

Guest Post: Harrow Council “Ploughing Ahead” with Waxwell Lane Redevelopment

guest_postThe London Borough of Harrow is proposing to build 34 new housing units in Waxwell Lane Car Park for market rent. They intend it to be a new revenue stream for the council.

“There is no benefit to Pinner” – Daniel Lester (Harrow Council)

This proposal will have negative impact on:

  • Local traffic flow
  • Local residential street parking
  • Increase demand on local services
  • Increased demand for oversubscribed school places
  • Reduced footfall and loss of business on the top end of Bridge Street & nearby streets.

Sign the petition at the following locations:

  • The Oddfellows Public House
  • The Tyre & Exhaust Centre
  • Petals from Heaven
  • St Luke’s Hospice
  • Cancer Research
  • Bodywise Health Foods
  • Hilton & family Butchers
  • Andrik
  • Thank you for your support.

For more information, contact waxwell.lane@talktalk.net

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  1. Susan Hall

    For all those not wanting this development please do take the time to sign the petition. The Labour run Council are not listening to us Conservative Councillors, perhaps they will listen to residents, although there is not much evidence of that….brown bins spring to mind….. however we must try and stop some of their dreadful schemes

  2. Rosalyn

    Another disaster about to happen is the proposed building on Vaughan Road car park where there are presently 48 parking spaces which local residents need to use at night as there are insufficient parking spaces in Vaughan Road for them. The proposal is to build 28 to 35 units in a 4 and 7 storey tower.Take a guess at how many car park spaces there will be for the residents….NONE..just 2/3 disabled spaces. The justification for this is there’ll just be a few family units but apart from that they’ll be for young people who won’t have cars! What??!! It beggars belief or perhaps not. The 1st consultation evening I attended was well attended although not a single councillor or our MP was there.Every single person was against the development but it soon became clear it is a done deal!

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