Nov 27 2014

Guest Post: Stoodley on Fighting Penalty Charge Notices

cllr_william_stoodley_2A guest post from our old mate, West Harrow Willy.

Hi Paul

Thought your readers might like a bit of help and advice on how to fight off those dreaded Penalty Charge Notices, even the ones that catch you on camera, as I was last year.

I have attached the letter I was sent by the Tribunal which is pretty self-explanatory and would merely add this: don’t be scared to take a PCN all the way to the Tribunal. If you lose your appeal you still have 14 days to pay the discounted price, they will ask you what time is convenient for you to attend so if you’re at work you can get a late appointment, and there won’t be anyone there from the local authority – it’s just a one-to-one with the duty solicitor who’s hearing your case.

Also worthy of note is that you should always check that the code on a PCN does actually relate to the offence that you’ve been accused of committing-after all, the wardens are only human and they do sometimes make mistakes, as in the time I received a PCN for parking across a driveway. I took a photo of where my car was parked and pointed out to them that I was NOT parked over a driveway (I was illegally parked, however); they had no option but to let me off! All in all I’ve received six PCNs in 32 years of motoring, and I’ve got off four of them; not a bad record I would say!

A list of PCN codes can be found at www.londoncouncils.gov.uk/London%20Councils/Pcncodesv661.pdf or if the link doesn’t work Google “pcn codes london”.

All the very best from West Harrow Willy.





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  1. Ewa

    Shame on you! You parked illegally and instead of paying the rightful penalty you’ve spend taxpayers money for your appeals? What a smart guy you are! Great example to follow!
    And you will still park wherever possible because you are not afraid of a penalty? You don’t care about others (disable pedestrians perhaps) and road safety?
    If there are victims of your parking they probably just have a bad luck?

  2. Willy Stoodley

    But I wasn’t parked; I was driving in a bus lane…

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