Nov 25 2013

Halls Got Balls: Closing Down Brothels in South Harrow

susan_hall_leaderNever one to be afraid of upsetting people by knocking the front doors in, Council Leader Susan Hall has been out with Harrow Police during the recent Week of Action. One visit to a premises on the Northolt Road in South Harrow found Cllr Hall and a team of burly coppers closed down a brothel employing Romanian prostitues.

Police and Harrow Council officers went to the building just off Northolt Road in Harrow today after a fire brigade officer became suspicious while carrying out a series of checks on fire safety in flats above shops. The brothel is just yards away from a high street bank and restaurants.

Harrow Council, police and fire officers were in the area carrying out a ‘Week of Action’ scheme which targets licensing, litter and anti-social activity in different parts of the borough.

Four girls, with ages ranging from 19 to 28, were discovered in the building and admitted to working as prostitutes.

Cllr Hall said: “It appears the oldest profession in the world is proving a lure for the newest wave of immigrants, and this is a problem spreading out into suburbia. Nobody has anything against decent ordinary Romanians coming here to work, but this isn’t the kind of industry that should benefit from the EU’s right to free travel. We are now weeks away from border controls easing and I fear for the consequences across our big cities.”

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  1. Mike McFadden

    Try closing down HMO they perform no service what so ever and make our street filthy and disgusting.

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