Oct 23 2013

Hall’s Got Balls: Council Chief Exec in the firing line?

susan_hall_pinup-150x150The new conservative administration at Harrow LBC is going out to consultation today in a move which is is likely to scrap the post of chief executive.

In a statement sent to all staff earlier today, current chief executive Michael Lockwood said: ‘I will clearly be looking at the consultation and will take a view over the coming days about what is best for me professionally and the authority.

‘In the meantime, I look forward to continuing to work with Harrow Council.’

We’ve not seen a press release from the Council on this, but we’re sure it’ll come in due course. If we get hold of any more details, then they’ll be posted here just as soon as possible.

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  1. Harrow Dude (@Harrow_Dude)

    And replace the post with what. I would suppose someone has to be in charge.

  2. 4Democracy

    An interesting and radical idea , glad the consultation will for a change be for a reasonable period. Will be interested to know more detail i.e. who would be in charge and what would the saving be?

    From a residents point of view whilst no disrespect to him he’s just a name on headed paper. We never hear or see him do anything and he’s inaccessible to the public.

    Love the “Halls got Balls” ,good for her in quickly tackling important issues innovatively

  3. cllr krishna lathia-james

    May I suggest you come and bear witness to the extra ordinary council being held on Tomorrow night Thursday the 24th. You may learn how democracy was defeated by using the dark arts of collusion and total disregard for the constitution that is derived from 1972 local government legislation. Susan may have balls which is debateable but she has certainly let power go to her head and we all know where that ends. Anyway see you all at the council tonight,remember it belongs to the people! I suggest people ask questions about recent appointments.

  4. 4Democracy

    Power go to her head?More like visibly and quickly getting things done for the benefit of the people of Harrow.

  5. Justsaying

    Well done Susan Hall. At last someone who is interested in shaking up things at Harrow Council which has been self serving and sluggish for many years. I welcome the consultation on the post of Chief Executive. Michael Lockwood has been on overpaid, ineffective, inaccessible and hands off civil servant who has been paid an enormous salary to be divisive, unhelpful , and at all costs invisible to the council tax payer in Harrow. Lets see how far Ballsy Susan can take this. So far, I am impressed with this lady.

  6. Marcello Borgese

    Looks like that’s the answer to my question recently about whether Cllr Susie thinks the Chief Exec is doing a good job and if he is worth the astronomical salary he’s paid. I like what I’ve heard from the Hall administration so far but it’s action that counts and politicians are always much better at talking than doing and Hall has got just 6 months to ‘walk the talk’.

    I am well aware however that if they do get rid of any senior council staff, there is usually a depressingly massive pay-off to go with it. What would really impress me is if they could hire someone on a contract that does not entitle the employee to a telephone-number pay off when they are sacked for poor performance.

  7. justsaying

    I agree with you Marcello. The job of CEO is the only one where no performance measurements are used to assess their continued right to such a kings ransom of a salary. Also, we know only too well that a massive pay off will be offered as it is the only way you can get rid of anyone at this level in a Local Authority.

    Susan Hall
    has made a good start. I hope she continues to make improvements

  8. j p hobbs

    Please can he take his stealth cameras with him . That will make him a bob or two in Wembley .

  9. All things Good

    Agreed Marcello and justsaying. Labour promised a listening Council when in fact they allowed as did previous administrations, for the CEO and some senior officers to ride rough shod over them. We now have someone, Susan Hall, who appears to be fearless, and wait for it……..actually is listening and doing something about it. For too long some senior officers have treated us taxpaying residents with nothing short of utter contempt, this is not fiction it is fact. The CEO and all senior managers need to be scrutinised on their performances, and ascertain whether they are worth the money we pay them. Please Susan it is time for a radical shake up within the Council, all we ask is for people who are honest, caring, and genuinely do want to listen to the good people of Harrow!

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