Dec 19 2013

Halls Got Balls: Daily Mail – Local Authorities to be “deluged”

susan_hall_2Thanks to a tip-off from R, we also hear that Cllr Susan Hall appeared in the Daily Mail today, again, in an article about the “influx” of Romanians and Bulgarians.

The article shows her as saying “We are already seeing the effects of some criminality linked to Eastern Europeans seeping out to the suburbs – and that ranges from prostitution to pick pocketing and beds in sheds overcrowding. This has long since ceased to be just an inner city issue…”

You can read the whole article here.

Thanks also for the comments from Concerned Harrowvian, for suggesting a Sherriff’s Badge for Cllr Hall – we’ll be checking eBay later for a suitable adornment – maybe it’ll get here in time for Christmas.

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  1. anonymous

    Glad she wasn’t in charge when the Quakers promoted the Kinderstransport.

  2. j p hobbs

    I feel its a breath of fresh air that Cllr Hall is getting stuck in and facing up to the many problems that mass immigration is causing , unlike a lot of our politicians still sitting on their fat asses whilst holding out the begging bowl for even more cash . Good Luck Susan you may need some .

  3. Susan Hall

    How typical that you are posting under ‘anonymous’ because that way you cannot be identified for making such a disgusting, disgraceful posting. At least those of us that use our correct names are prepared to be accountable for our comments

  4. j p hobbs

    Well that’s why I passed by that one , obviously no balls , Or A NONY MOUSE

  5. sonoo malkani

    it’s pretty obvious that most of us are extremely concerned about the impact the arrival of the Romanians and Bulgarians,quite legitimately,,will nevertheless have.No use mincing words.Somebody has to grasp the nettle and speak up for Harrow seeing we are the already have the third largest Romanian population in Harrow.How are we going to absorb the influx of newcomers when we have no facts or figures to plan for their integration into our community.

    The comments on social web-sites and radio programmes back this feeling,loud and clear.What is really even more annoying is a senior man like Vince Cable making irresponsible comments about David Cameron and likening him to Enoch Powell!His reference to the infamous “rivers of blood speech “is ludicrous and are quite inappropriate,completely torn out of context..He is the one scare-mongering!

    Instead of saying “the Tories are in a panic” he should accept that it’s the the Lib Dems who find themselves in that situation and are making all sorts of noises in a bid to distance themselves from the Tory party.The Lib Dems know they are on their last legs and are desperately lashing out ,without thinking of the negative effect on the public..

    Harrow has its own local issues to cope with.The additional burden of this new wave of Eastern European Immigration poses a real challenge for a borough already heaving with a hugely diverse population ,requiring resources which are already stretched to the limits.Our Council will need all the support it can muster.

    The Prime Minister and relevant departments will have to help Harrow with additional funding and resources to deal with what is on the horizon.It’s not a small matter which will go away.Realistically, the sooner we plan and get these issues dealt with the better.

  6. Concerned Harrovian

    On the news this morning it was said that there is often a wait of a week before a person could get an appointment to see a doctor. The system is already over subscribed. What additional resources will be in place to cope with the deamnds of additional immigration?

  7. j p hobbs

    Clegg and Cable should go they are doing so much damage to their party , they don’t give a fig about the wishes of the people or the state of our country . yes it is chaos at my Doctors even tho they have taken on more staff and interpreters .

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