Mar 27 2014

Hall’s New Pay-and-Display Machines Start to Appear in Harrow

harrow_council_logoCllr Susan Hall’s promise to roll out new-style pay-and-display machine for on-street parking has started to materialise, with the installation of one of the new machines into Rayner’s Lane this week.

To recap, the new machines will offer 20 minutes free parking: all you need to do is enter your registration number to receive your ticket, which will be limited to one free 20-minute session per vehicle per day across the borough. It’s a much better plan than the original trial, which allowed multiple free tickets from the machine, and which saw motorists extract ticket, after ticket, after ticket…


Here, Cllr Hall demonstrates the new machine to Cllr Joyce Nickolay.

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  1. Mike Bradley

    Sort of ok – but Hillingdon is better and less complicated. I’m sure I’ve had to wait 25 minutes in a bank queue before now…

  2. terry

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaBut if “locals” were on the fiddle beforehand, it could must surely have been a case of the local shopkeepers shooting themselves in the foot

  3. Smarty

    I wonder if these new machines will be rolled out in the town center to boost businesses and make Harrow popular as it use to be.

  4. Susan Hall

    I will ensure that they are. The charges in the Town Centre are horribly high and do not encourage people to use them. A full review of charges is required, my group certainly does not agree with the past review and we would certainly wish to look at this more intensely going forward

  5. j p hobbs

    Shame they cant find just one drop off point at the main entrance of Harrow and Wealdstone station , that stealth camera is still catching the residents of Harrow . Still no noticeable signage , but there wouldn’t be would there ? one of Harrows biggest cash cows .

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