Apr 03 2014

Sheriff Hall Storms Capita CEO’s Office Over IT Problems

susan_hall_leaderWe’re not sure what the final straw with the Council’s IT systems was for Sheriff Hall this week, but we hear rumours that she’d finally had enough, and stormed down to Victoria in central London to settle the score once and for all with the CEO of Capita.

The same source also told us that there was a major upgrade planned a few months ago, that got pulled at the last moment because nobody could be sure it wouldn’t wreck the entire system.

The Council’s IT systems have been mentioned here time and time again – so much so, that it’s become non-news. Outsourcing to Capita was a decision taken by the Labour administration, which saw the then CIO shoved out of a job. It was, we believe, Cllr Bill Phillips, who describes himself on LinkedIn as a “Retired IT Contractor and Project Manager” who was responsible for that particular deal.

In fact, the absence of any kind of IT expert on the side of the council meant that the Council was, apparently, stuck between deciding whether to let Capita do the upgrade, with the risk it would wreck everything, or to not proceed with the upgrade, and find it was unable to pay its employees. Our source says that the upgrade was pulled at the last moment, and – we would imagine – deployed some time later.

Anyway, having arranged a mid-morning meeting earlier this week, for what we’d imagine would be a frank and meaningful exchange of views, the Sheriff’s reputation had obviously got there first: the Capita CEO was unfortunately off sick, and nobody bothered to tell her before she’d motored down there in her congestion-charge-dodging Fiat.

No doubt the CEO will be invited now to another meeting, on Sheriff Hall’s turf. Lets hope she manages to wash the blood out the carpet afterwards.

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  1. Harrow Cynic

    Capita have many contracts with local authorities of all political persuasions. Locally I believe Watford and Three Rivers use them, for example. They have a reputation for being pretty useless: ‘Crapita’ seems a more appropriate name.

  2. ricky123

    I have heard that Cllr Hall was given a really nice shiny Sheriffs badge, I think she should wear it for these meetings it will give her more clout.

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    I think it is going to be High Noon time for the CEO of Crapita as Sheriff Hall rides into town, in her Fiat, ready for a verbal shoot out.

  4. Harrow Dude

    I think it is fairly well understood that Captia will not be having their contract with Harrow Council renewed and I would suggest that If you dig a little deeper you will find that this is the reason that the planned upgrade did not go ahead.

    Perhaps Susie would like to storm over to the LGA and explain why Harrow is now seen as ‘high risk’

  5. Susan Hall

    Harrow Council while in the care of the conservatives is in a much better place than it has been over the previous three and a half years. We took over 6 months ago and Harrow is changing for the better. You may not like it – tough – under our administration things are improving for the better. Harrow is Cleaner, Safer and Fairer – those are our pledges and we are delivering. Under my Leadership we are toughening up on those who do not behave in a correct way, fly tip, build without permission and we will soon be enforcing on littering and spitting. Our achievements are mounting by the day

    1. garth

      how is harrow fairer when fraudulent summonses are being issued ?

  6. Susan Hall

    Just to make it clear the above message is to Harrow Dude who complains about anything we do or say. I am thrilled by the amount of you that are so kind and e mail me to tell me that you do notice the difference, very many thanks, it makes all our hard work worth while

  7. ricky123

    Cllr Hall, there is no doubt whatsoever you have made a huge difference, it actually started when ILG took control. I suspect Harrow Dude is a Labour supporter. What he should do rather than try to complain about you all of the time is to look back over the last three years of Labour in administration, if he took his blinkers off and looked in detail he would probably cringe.

  8. garth

    forget it susan start weeding the perverts out of the council you know who i mean and do the council a real favour

  9. Harrow Dude

    No comment on the LGA Susie?…I hear I hear Harrow is high risk and you have spent all the contingency funds.

    Is that true Susie?

  10. garth

    really tired of all the hall sycophants when deep and really dark stuf is going on in harrow council un challenged come on sue thats see what youre really made of

  11. garth

    susan are you aware that harrow council is commiting fraud by printing there own summonses for council tax a summons HAS to be signed by the clerk and have the court seal harrows are generic copied forgeries so put your spurs on saddle up and mosey on down to civic centre an do your duty THE LAW IS BEING BROKEN harrow council also hire the curt for the day and the magistrates who are not operating on there oath just in an admiinistrative capacity to en mass issue liability orders .REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR REPLY PARTNER

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