Jan 31 2015

Harrow: “A great place for a traditional British holiday,” says Lockwood

It seems like only yesterday that Harrow was selling itself as a holiday destination.

Back in 2010, Michael Lockwood, chief executive of Harrow council, said: “We want to offer the ultimate weekend break that’s low on travel, easy on the pocket and big on the best of Britain.”

He continued, “With our links to Byron, Betjeman and Shelley we’re using a touch of poetic licence for this campaign. We believe Harrow’s unique history and offer of a weekend getaway, without really getting away, makes it a great place for a traditional British holiday.”


Thankfully, this idea hasn’t seen the light of day since, however, the postcard lives on. More details with the Evening Standard, here.

Originally published on iharrow.com in March 2013, but worthy of a re-run.

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  1. Morepowertothepeople

    Weekend break in Harrow?……..Funniest thing I have heard in ages!!!!!!!!

  2. Angelina


  3. Concerned Harrovian

    Wonder where Mike Lockwood goes for his weekend breaks. You can bet your life it is not Harrow.

  4. Someonewhocares

    Ah yes, the main clue is in his “We want to offer & etc” remark. “Wanting” and actually “being able” to do something can be very different. So he was either indulging in wishful thinking or perhaps just remebering the pleasant leafy suburb Harrow was back in the 80s?

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