Jun 26 2014

Harrow Achieves Fairtrade Status

fairtrade_logoHarrow is now a Fairtrade Borough!

Nana Asante, ex-Mayor of Harrow and Chair of the Harrow Fairtrade Steering Group & Harrow Fairtrade Campaign writes:

Thanks to all those who worked towards this achievement especially Cllr Susan Hall, Jerry Hickman, Finlay Flett and all past members of the Fairtrade Steering Group. Special thanks to Brent Fairtrade Network, especially Robin Sharp and Peter Moore. My special thanks to current members of the Fairtrade Steering Group who have kept the vision going and helped Harrow make it to the finish line: Kwabea Larson-Plockey, Awula Serwah, Giuseppe Marasco, Krishna James, Bharti Vyas, Rikki Hicks & Robin Sharp.


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  1. Dame Betty

    Well done Nana and all who worked hard on this achievement.

    Why not celebrate this achievement with some Fairtrade goodies at the Community Meeting this Saturday 28th June, 2-7pm at Flash Musicals Theatre, Edgware?

  2. Linda Robinson

    Yes, bravo Nana! She was the only councillor to stick doggedly with this cause, since then Leader David Ashton promised to bring Fairtrade status to Harrow in 2009, when most other boroughs had already got there years before. The subsequent excuse for not paying any attention to it was that the senior council staff responsible were too busy box-ticking about National Indicators for the all-consuming but now abandoned Local Area Agreement. Then Labour gained control and went downhill, and everything to do with Fairtrade just got forgotten except by Nana and a small band of die-hards in the community. I was one of them but, five years on, even I had given up trying to bend deaf ears about something that should have been so simple to achieve. Thank goodness for Nana. She was one of our best representatives and it’s a pity she’s gone from the Council.

  3. sonoo malkani

    Congratulations Nana and everybody who has helped Harrow become a Fairtrade borough.Hope we will all be very supportive and just appreciate what has been achieved.God bless us all.

  4. Nana Asante

    Thank you Linda & Sonoo for the congratulations.

    I do hope that now that we’ve actually achieved Fairtrade status, those who used to be involved but were frustrated by the slow progress will get involved again so that our renewal in a year’s time is a breeze. Many hands make light work.

    It has been a long journey which actually began in 2005 when the Council passed a motion 62 out of 63. Marie-Louise Nolan was Councillor in charge of Partnerships & Communication. Our Fairtrade journey started in a Labour Administration. Between 2006 & 2010, nothing much happened as the Council was consumed with its Local Area Agreement and the cash bonuses that meeting targets carried so it is not surprising that there was little progress. In November 2010, a motion was passed renewing our Fairtrade Committment & International engagement. Unfortunately, the Council seemed to have lost most of the records of work started in 2005/ 2006. We started the frustrating push towards Fairtrade status in November 2010 from zero, putting in an application in February 2011. The Fairrade Foundation raised concerns which we were able to address and document in May 2014 with our second application.

    We need to keep the momentum & it would be great if veteran campaigners & activists could re-join the Harrow Fairtrade Campaign. We are stronger and more effective together. The Fairtrade Steering Group has been discussing an appropriate celebration which could be an awareness raising event as well as a recruitment event for Fairtrade Ambassadors. I hope many residents will support the borough’s achievement in our Diamond Jubilee year.

  5. sonoo malkani

    I am confident Harrovians will rise to the occasion and many will join hands to help us support the borough’s hard won achievement in our Diamond Jubilee Year.The more,the merrier.This status has taken years of sweat and tears to arrive and we must take a united stand to see it is honoured.In unity lies our strength.Wish the initiative being planned every success in raising awareness.Hope many enrol as Fairtrade Ambassadors.

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