May 25 2014

Harrow Achieves “Safest Borough in London” Ranking

police_bmw_150x150In April 2014, the London Borough of Harrow recorded the lowest crime rate in London for the first time in its history. With 3.97 total notifiable offences per thousand residents, Harrow moved up to first from being third in March 2014 – pushing Sutton and Merton into second and third place. A total of 949 total notifiable offences were recorded in Harrow during April 2014, which is also the second lowest number since the Metropolitan Police started providing monthly statistics in April 2011 – beaten only by the 948 offences in September 2013. The Police data shows that total notifiable offences in 2013/14 were down 9.3% compared with 2012/13 and by 13.9% on 2011/12. Harrow Police and Harrow Council have set the joint aim of making Harrow the safest borough in London, and the new data was welcomed.

Cllr. Susan Hall said: “This is truly excellent news. Our Conservative administration has worked very closely with our fantastic Police – particularly through joint initiatives like Weeks of Action – to make Harrow the safest borough in London, so to record the lowest crime rate in London for the first time in our history shows how much progress has been made in achieving that goal. We are determined to deliver a cleaner, safer and fairer Harrow, and will continue to work together to bring crime down further still.”

susan_hall_3She continued: “The truly awful attack in Rayners Lane on Monday shows there’s no room for complacency, and I am firmly of the belief that one crime is one crime too many. However, it’s most encouraging to see the impact of so much hard work from so many people, and I’d like to pay tribute to Commander Simon Ovens, Harrow Police and our Public Safety teams at the Council for everything they do.”

The Conservative administration was in place for eight months, up until May 23, 2014, during which time Harrow moved to being the safest borough in London. Cllr Hall’s administration may no longer be in place, but her legacy clearly lives on.

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  1. Someonewhocares

    In real terms this simply means there were ‘less than one per thousand’ offences and this can easily change month-to-month anyway.

    On the surface therefore this is ‘good’ news but the longer-term trends – basically a reduction year-on-year – have been there for some years now and that figure is what we should monitor and consider if necessary.

    Surely however it should not be necessary to compare Harrow to other Boroughs as though it is some kind of an indication of ‘relative safety’?

    The Public may be sceptical anyway, as we often wonder if all the actual ‘notifiable offence’ definitions used have maybe also been changed, too?

    The Metropolitan Police Maps have more useful details:


  2. sonoo malkani

    This is a magnificent achievement by Harrow Police,which many may easily have missed in the hurly-burly of our local elections and the European elections.First of all,I unreservedly add my warm congratulations to all those responsible for making this a reality.This must have been a back-breaking task.Well done Harrow Police!

    Simon Ovens had promised to make us the SAFEST London Borough within a period of three years.It seems he has cracked the formula for getting there double quick!That said, one cannot afford to be complacent.

    The horrific attack on the barber in Rayners Lane has sent out shock waves into our local community.It is impossible to believe that this has happened on our patch.The police is not resting on their laurels and have taken this most seriously,as have the local public.

    It is a body blow,that Cllr Hall who has done so much to help enhance and support our policing, will not be in a position to contribute in this sector as generously as she has done during the past eight months.Her passion for policing,however,will not wane!We owe her a debt of gratitude for the considerable contributions made on that account.

    I hope and pray that the tremendous contributions made by a 1000 strong team of Neighbourhood Champions are fully recognised and that they are fully supported in their good works.Police confidence and public safety are UNIVERSAL needs and must be treated with due respect.No playing games with that.

    One sincerely hopes that the new administration will pull out all the stops and continue the partnership working as before,which has helped us get to this place.We simply cannot afford to slip and must re-double our efforts to retain hard-won improved outcomes for our borough.Of course,there are wards which are more challenging than others and the Police have their work cut out.

    It has taken blood,sweat and tears for us to get to the top of the safety table in London I sincerely hope we will receive serious commitment from the incoming group at Harrow Council and the Public Safety teams so that the Borough Commander and his officers can ensure we sustain a safety record we can all be proud of.

    Only then will Simon Ovens be able to focus on other areas of concern,—including Domestic Violence,Drugs and issues troubling our public,with your co-operation.


    With that in mind,.let us move forwards with a clear plan to do whatever it takes to remain the safest London borough..

  3. Concerned Harrovian

    I attended the HPCCG final meeting on March 24th 2014. It was said at the meeting that the HPCCG would be replaced by Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board This board would be responsible for allocating Harrow policing resources and deciding priorities.

    Candidates for the board were asked to submit applications to the Council and after attending an interview would be selected (if suitable) to serve on the board. I have not heard any mention of the board since that time or if any public meetings that have been arranged.

    Can anyone supply an update on what is happening? Who are the board members and when will the next public meeting be held?

  4. ricky123

    Why not live stream those meetings as well.

  5. sonoo malkani

    Sounds like a great idea!The more transparency and accountability the better.We have yet to hold our first meeting which we were advised would be advertised soon after the local elections,and held In early June.This is essential for maintaining public confidence in our policing.

    Borough Commander Simon Ovens should be warmly congratulated for achieving top borough safety status in London and be given a chance to advise us of future plans to sustain this hard-won achievement.His blogs are filled with practical tips to prevent us becoming victims of crime.Let us hear him in the flesh!

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