Jul 05 2011

Harrow ‘Adopt a Roundabout’ Going Ahead

According to the minutes of the recent Council Cabinet meeting on June 22, it seems that the council is pressing ahead with it’s “Adopt a Roundabout” scheme n the Borough. For those not familiar with it, it allows local businesses to sponsor a roundabout, and, in return, get a small sign placed there. There are a few of these already in the Borough, indeed, the nearest one to South Harrow, that I can think of, since there aren’t many here, is actually over the border at the top of Petts Hill near the Northolt Fire station.

The meeting minutes indicate that 35 more roundabout will get this treatment, which will undoubtedly mean a handful of plants, trees and bushes to brighten the place up. No mention of the cost of sponsoring these, so don’t expect a “Sponsored by southharrow.com” sign anywhere soon!

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