Sep 13 2013

Harrow Battle of Britain Service – Labour Absence ‘not a boycott’

harrow_council_logo2The Mayor of Harrow led tributes to people from the borough who fought in the Battle of Britain at a remembrance service last weekend.

Speaking at the service, Cllr Asante said: “We must never forget the enormous sacrifices made during the Battle of Britain. The role Bentley Priory played in the ultimate victory is a source of great pride for the borough.”

Never has a truer word been spoken.

So, what was the representation from Harrow’s local councillors? It’s entirely possible that we may have missed one or two, but we counted:

  • 17 Conservatives
  • 6 Independent Labour
  • 5 Labour

It was a surprise to see Navin Shah missing, despite him being a GLA member for Harrow. It was, however, good to see Bob Blackman MP there, but alas, no Gareth Thomas MP – no doubt Jeremy Zeid will be telling us he was spotted standing outside a building somewhere.

We also spotted Chief Executive Mike Lockwood there as well, which considering the distance he had to travel, was quite an indication of his commitment.

We asked Cllr David Perry if this was a boycott of the event by the Labour group, a suggestion he refuted. He told us that he had forwarded the invitations and a reminder again before the service, but was unfortunately unable to attend himself due to being on holiday.

Events such as these are of enormous importance to the memories of those who sacrificed their lives; perhaps residents will be asking their local councillors if they attended this service and, if not, why not.


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