Mar 26 2014

Harrow Borough fire chief becomes 1000th Neighbourhood Champion!

harrow_council_logoHARROW’S fire chief today became the borough’s 1000th Neighbourhood Champion – with the scheme now half way towards its goal of placing an NC on every street in Harrow.

Richard Claydon, London Fire Brigade borough commander for Harrow, is the 1000th person to join the scheme launched in 2009 to help make the borough cleaner and safer. Along with Mr Claydon, a further 10 fire officers have become NCs – four watch managers from Harrow and Stanmore fire stations, and two senior officers.

More than 300 NCs will hear details of recruitment and their achievements on the streets at the Neighbourhood Champions’ conference, being held tonight at the Kadwa Patidar centre in Harrow.

Mr. Claydon said: “The Neighbourhood Champions’ scheme has been a great success and London Fire Brigade in Harrow is a key part of this. Becoming NCs ourselves is a way of showing how committed we are. We already work closely with the council, police colleagues, and serving as Champions just brings us closer to the people we serve and will enable us to be able to raise the profile of fire safety in the community.”

Neighbourhood Champions help by letting the council and partners know about issues on their street – from litter and fly-tipping to defective streetlights and anti social behaviour. While enforcement is always left to the authorities, the NCs are an invaluable link in raising the alert over potential problems.

All NCs receive thorough training and have a dedicated web portal to keep in touch with the council.

Cllr Susan Hall – who launched the NC scheme five years ago when portfolio holder for the environment – said: “It is fantastic news that we have now gone through the 1,000 barrier for Neighbourhood Champions. This is a scheme which has clearly captured the imagination of Harrow people and is proving a major help to both the council and the police in making our borough cleaner and safer. I am looking forward to thanking the Neighbourhood Champions in person at tonight’s NC conference for their fantastic contribution. We’re half way to our goal of a Neighbourhood Champion on every one of Harrow’s 2068 streets.”

A further 20 NC recruits – all allotment holders – are already in the pipeline to become members and are undergoing training.

For more on becoming a Neighbourhood Champion, go to http://www.harrow.gov.uk/neighbourhoodchampions

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    Thrilled to hear Richard Claydon and his ten officers have become Neighbourhood Champions. He is an inspirational leader. With Richard Claydon and his officers as Neighbourhood Champions the scheme can only go from strength to strength.

    Also,Simon Ovens,the Harrow police Borough Commander’s ambition to make Harrow the safest London borough should make Harrow a borough in which to be proud to work and live.

  2. sonoo malkani

    Attended the Neighbourhood Champions Conference last night and was really pleased to see how well it has developed.The Council’s web-site is being set up to help especially with this initiative and we await this with some impatience.Looked very promising.It will be areal bonus for all Harrovians.

    The attendance was good and people enjoyed networking during the breaks.Many new points were flagged up at the workshops which will help enhance the contributions made by our NCs.It is delightful that our Fire Chief for Harrow Richard Claydon has not only enrolled himself as the 1000th Neighbourhood Champion but has brought with him ten of his firemen as well.It is such a good move since it will help him find vulnerable folk and help spread safety messages which are invaluable often in saving property and lives.

    Our Borough Commander for Harrow Police,Simon Ovens assured us that crime had gone down substantially in his first year as our top cop but that he was determined to slowly but surely keep up that pressure till we managed to get back to the top of the safety list in London.

    The Leader of the Council.Cllr Susan Hall also participated and took questions since Neighbourhood Champions is her baby!She was very pleased so many had come and participated and encouraged us all to contribute as much as we could to help our Police make Harrow the safest London Borough and also to take advantage of the expertise on offer from our Fire Borough Commander.

    All in all,an enjoyable and worthwhile evening.More power to our Neighbourhood Champions.

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