Sep 21 2011

Harrow CCTV Enforcement Van Spotted near Welldon Park Junior School

Bad news for inconsiderate car drivers picking up their children from Welldon Park Junior School in Wyvenhoe Road today – Harrow Council’s CCTV Enforcement van was spotted parked up adjacent to the yellow zig-zags outside the school. Stopping is prohibited in the zig-zag zone between 08.30 – 09.30 and 15.00 – 16.30 each weekday, which is often ignored by parents. Even stopping to load or unload passengers is prohibited.

If you are picking up children from the school, your best chances of avoiding a fine and three penalty points, is to park elsewhere. Both schools in the area are likely to have experienced problems with parents’ parking, and have probably made representations to local police and Harrow Council to ‘do something about it.’ Roxeth Recreation Ground is about a five-minute walk away, or alternatively, Sainsbury’s offer free parking to customers, just the other side of the Northolt Road.


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