Jan 13 2014

Harrow Civic Amenity Site Staff Given Body Cameras

wastedumpAccording to letsrecycle.com, staff at a Harrow’s civic amenity site have been issued with body cameras, following ‘unacceptable’ levels of abuse from members of the public.

Harrow council purchased five £500 cameras for staff at the Forward Drive site to wear on their lapels, in order to film any exchanges with the public that they believe could turn violent.

And, the council is also considering employing a private security firm to discourage abusive behaviour and to act as professional witness should any incidents lead to court action.

Councillor Susan Hall, leader of Harrow council and cabinet member for community safety and the environment, said: “It comes to something when you need bouncers for your bins.”

You can read the whole story here.

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  1. John Clement

    If these are the people who empty the bins, hardly surprising that they get abused, as they do an absolutely abysmal job. If ever a communal bin is full and bags are loose they refuse to collect it (health & safety), thus leaving it on the ground to attract rats, mice, foxes and insects and for food to rot fester & smaell (obviously not a health & safety issue).
    I know its radical, but maybe the best way to avoid abuse is to do a fair and honest days work for their pay, instead of ripping off the public.

  2. Concerned Harrovian

    There is never any excuse for violence towards Harrow council workers. The staff at the civic amenity site have been threatened that they will be shot, run over and challenged to a fight simply for doing their job. Nobody should have to work with this level of threat to their person. I presume you would object to paying them extra danger money fromn your council tax.

    Perhaps the two recycling officers could vist your area with advice on recycling. This would free up more space in your general rubbish and there would be no need to strew black plastics sacks around the bins.

    Harrow is operating a “Rubbish Diet Scheme” at the moment whereby residents try to reduce the amount sent to rubbish mountains. Yes, i said mountains because apparently all the landfill sites anre now full. There are no more holes in the ground to fill with rubbish. The new term is rubbish mountains.

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