Apr 25 2017

Harrow Civic Centre flooded following burst pipe

Cllr Hall has always said that the Labour administration couldn’t run a bath… It now looks like that maybe, they can!

The Civic Centre appears to be under water this morning, with large parts of the build either soaking wet, or without power, following a burst pipeovernight, which wasn’t noticed until officers wandered into work late this morning.

Swathes of the building are reported to be damaged, although the extent of the damage, and how long the clear-up will take, are yet to be determined. According to the council’s internal communications team:

A water pipe burst overnight on the 2nd floor – this has affected the South Wing from the 2nd floor downwards as well as parts of Middlesex Floor and the Registrars area.

The good news is that the pipe has been repaired and that Facilities Management are now working with the contractors to dry the carpet and to have these floors back open as soon as possible. They are also working on restoring the electrics safely in those areas that are without power.

Staff are currently being directed to the upper floors of the Civic Centre. There is no reported status on whether there is any impacts to residents visiting and/or telephoning the council.

If anyone has any photos, please feel free to forward them to info@iharrow.com so we can update this story.

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  1. Concerned Harrovian

    We wouldn’t notice any impact on the telephone service at the Civic Centre You wait so long for the phones to be answered you almost lose the will to live. Perhaps they will now play Handel’s Water Music instead of Vivaldi.whilst we wait for someone, anyone to answer the phone!!


    What will happen when the CIVIC CTR goes to Wealdstone No car parks no decemt road system and 2000 vusitors + staff a day with no parking. AS for phones they dont need to instal them as they dont answer them anymore ( prob get pigeons )

  3. Wealdstone Warrior

    It is all falling apart, just like Harrow Labour! I dread to think what will happen if the proposed plans for the New Civic centre go ahead in Wealdstone. Another tall tower block to match the other 2 Tower Blocks planned for that area. I feel sorry for the people who have worked hard to buy a nice house, only for it to go down in value due to tower blocks overshadowing their properties.

  4. red mirror

    it wasn’t a burst pipe it was sweat from michael lockwood’s office as he trained on his treadmill for the iron man competition in hawaii.

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