Sep 06 2013

Harrow Civic Centre: Full of slime?

Well, maybe not the Civic Centre itself, but the fountains outside have certainly seen better days, as the photo below shows. It wasn’t that long ago that you could cross the bridge into the Civic Centre, and hear the gentle tranquil sounds of fountains. A kind of feng shui, the ying versus the yang, the calm versus the chaos…

Now, all that’s left is a slime filled pit of rotting detrius.


@PraxisReform – this could be one for your collection

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  1. Praxis Reform

    Thanks for the mention.

    There are so many things wrong with local and national government, you’d think people would be happy to see small things like this highlighted, so that a start putting things right could be made somewhere. But, these things have been going on for so long that the local papers no longer consider them news – and it seems that Harrow Council has no shame.

    It’s deeply depressing to see so many cowboy politicians sitting in office and only hiving off local services to private companies, whereupon any complaint can likely be met with “Sorry Gov, can’t do anything, that responsibility has been given to Someco Plc”, whilst the politicians continue to line their own pockets at our expense rather than do anything whatsoever to improve the area that we live in.

    I’ve been giving this matter a lot of thought lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Political Parties hand out cosy councillorships, etc. as a reward for promoting their own corrupt agendas to either benefit lazy Trade Unionists or super-rich Banksters (I leave the reader to guess which relates to which party).

    This of course has a trickle-down effect to organizations such as Harrow’s Keystone kops, who based on recent comments here, apparently can’t catch criminals for toffee. As an interesting aside, in Bromley recently, it seems that Mottingham & Chislehurst North ward SNT basically switched fighting crime for playing poker, backgammon, going for runs, golf and watching TV. A year later, they were caught out, but it turns out that during this time there was only a small increase in the crime rate…

    Do we know that Harrow’s police aren’t doing the same? It certainly seems like our politicians are; else how do we end up with clowns like Ferry, O’Dell, Gawn, Blackman, Akhtar, etc. etc.?

    Incidentally, since Bob Blackman thinks that he can get away with claiming to support the prevention of the abuse of phoenixing campaign, and then ignore letters for the past couple of months, I’m giving very strong consideration to inviting all fifty people that I used to work with to a protest rally outside the Harrow Conservative Association offices!

  2. j p hobbs

    You should see the slime inside . !!!!!

  3. j p hobbs

    I wish I had written that !!!!!!!! cheers Praxis

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