Dec 05 2012

Harrow Cllr David Gawn Back in Court yet again

We’ve heard today that Cllr David Gawn (Labour, Harrow on the Hill) was back in court for yet another hearing on November 27, 2012 – this time, about a £3000 fraud/attempted theft charge to which he pleaded guilty.

This is in addition to a previous hearing – where he again pleaded guilty – on November 19, 2012, concerning a £7000 charge the he had  “dishonestly and intentionally made a representation which was untrue or misleading.”

Sentancing is due on December 20, 2012, which could, perhaps, be his last visit to Court over these matters.

Residents are, perhaps, wondering how long it’ll be before he’s kicked out as a councillor, although we understand that any sentence of imprisonment, including suspended sentences, of over three months is a disqualification from office. But disqualification only takes place after the end of any period allowed for an appeal.

How long before he does the right thing, and resigns?

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