Nov 14 2015

Harrow Community Champions Clear Up Day – December 16, 2015

harrow_council_logoNo points for the name, but Community Clear Up (or Clean Up, depending which email the council has sent you – they can’t even get that right!) is on Wednesday 16th December at 08:45 and the council are asking Champions if you could please spare just a few hours to help spruce up Wealdstone High Street. “So,” they say, “whether you’re a group of friends and neighbours, a local community group, a local business, a school or on your own, what better way to kick off Christmas by taking part in ‘Community Clear Up Day’?” Yes – picking up syringes and washing away pools of dried-up vomit will certainly get you in the festive spirit. I wonder if Champions ever imagined they’d be invited to ‘kick off Christmas’ in this way, when it was once all about reporting potholes, faulty street lights and low-level crime.

Still, if you want to go along, the council will provide refreshments during the clean-up “to keep you hydrated”.  And will also provide all the cleaning materials to really make a difference to our community. You will also receive a certificate for helping out and at 11.00am they say you’ll be heading to the Red Brick Café, Wealdstone High Street for some warm drinks and a hot mince pie!

Whilst we applaud every effort by the council to tidy up the borough (except when they can’t be arsed), perhaps rounding up locals and treating them like Community Payback isn’t the best way of doing it.


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  1. F.D.Billson

    Is there no end this councils cheek? This is an insult against Harrow taxpayers.

  2. mike mcfadden

    Whilst I must commend the efforts of Harrow Council and their clean-up initiative I still believe prevention is better then cure!
    By this I mean education of those that come here not understanding our culture or way of life. I appreciate Harrow got it wrong with their understanding of the life and life events and the way people act and respond. The inevitable result Harrow was turn into a slum in record time, with the council hidden in a bunker where phones were rarely answered and the quality of life for the tax-paying home owning members of the public was pushed into the gutter. A place where everybody told lies just to get through the day.

    However, things can only get better. They must employ the best people for the job and not reward failure or play the race card because their ideology does not fit in with the English way of life.
    A start would be a council member should address all local school to educate the children they may in turn educate their parents that dropping litter and rubbish in the street is anti social and will get them fined £75. No matter if they are on benefits and say they can’t pay.

    Further, Urinating and defecating in the streets and public places is unacceptable and considered highly disgusting by English standards and they are expected in England to live by our standards. Also beggars must be immediately removed from our streets. If you need to ask what can we do with them , don’t apply for the job.!!

    Furthermore, I would like to see a banning of drinking alcohol on the public streets and spaces with an immediate fine of £100 first offense doubling each time that person is caught again or refuses to pay.
    We have to start somewhere, so why not here with litter. It can be done with a little effort.

    Looking forward to the day Harrow stops being a laughing stock. Ave a nice day!!

  3. Henry Garth

    Communities are gradually waking up and realising that if you want to get stuff done one
    of the best solutions is to do it yourself.

    Two things are certain.

    Firstly, littering behaviours are ultimately the responsibility of litterers.

    Secondly, and importantly, if we are going to educate and help people to stop littering we need commitment and support from all sectors – local and central government, businesses, schools, charities, the police, our National Health Service and, of course, the community.

    My local Council in Dundee made the following changes:

    . Installed an additional 3,000 litter bins
    . Started to expand the Community Clear Up Scheme right across the Borough
    • Increased evening and refocused night cleansing
    • Introduced two night-time Streetcare officers (major improvements in reducing fly- tipping)
    • Introduced two ‘Find it, Fix it’ crews that roamed the borough clearing anything they spied
    • Invested in a dedicated resource to increase volunteering and community pay-back initiatives.
    This resulted in a noticeable improvement in cleansing standards, excellent public feedback and a secure platform on which to build further improvements.

    Harrow Council
    need to make some radical changes – Community Clean Up is a great start.

  4. Abdul Hasson

    Cleaning up areas such as Wealdstone keeps the people who need to see immediate and tangible results engaged in your neighborhood improvement activities. No longer should we the community simply sit back and expect others to do everything for us. Times are changing the traders/residents need to take responsibility during these difficult times.

    I prefer my taxes to be spent on police, NHS, Housing rather than road sweepers due to people who simply have no respect for my neighbourhood. I would be thrilled to see this idea expand across London.

  5. Traders Committee 312

    Bravo! Big, BIG Bravo! A clean street will help traders but the traders need to help with this.

  6. red mirror

    i love the collectivist banner working together really? not me THAT’S FOR SURE if the lazy donut eating team leaders got off their duffs and mucked in and sweepers stayed out of the wealdstone bookies the place would look like a new pin people why pay council tax and then be handed a broom and the equivalent of a gold star from junior school for being such a mug?maybe lockwood being such an accomplished athlete would like to lend his prowess to the cause? its not a council its a circus just look at the clowns wasting your money driving round and round in smart cars hiding and cake eating on an industrial scale sssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.,

  7. Sky

    Good idea Harrow Council. When people get involved in cleaning their neighbourhoods, parks and open spaces, they are less likely to litter and are more likely to keep it clean!

    Make a positive difference for the local environment, as well as the quality of life for you and your neighbours. It’s easy!

    So instead of the keyboard warriors complaining, go outside, make some friends and do something worthwhile for everyone. I will attending even after working a 12 hour shift.

  8. red mirror

    good for you sky in between picking up used condoms and used syringes whilst being laughed at by people who aren’t foolish enough to fall for the big society scam please pray for sanity and a sense of selfhood rather than robotically following the dictates of people who wouldn’t know a broom from their xxxx.I HOPE THE FRESH? AIR AND PHYSICAL EXERCISE MIGHT BRING YOU CLOSER TO NATURE AFTER 12 HOURS IN A CALL CENTRE GOD BLESS YOU SKY X

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