Jun 29 2011

Harrow Community Safety Plan Published

Harrow has just published it’s Community Safety Plan, which covers 2011 – 2014, although most of the detail is in the 2011/12 range. You can download it from Harrow’s website here.

The full 28 pages have a number of interesting points.  For example, 65% of residents consider the level of crime to be an important issue. However, when asked to expand on that, the crime that residents were most concerned about was rubbish/litter, which about 45% of residents were very concerned about. Street drinking, rowdy behaviour, fly-tipping, intimidation and vandalism also scored more than 30%.

If we look back, and compare 2007/08 with 2010/11, we can see that in a number of areas, Harrow has performed well: personal robbery down 15%, criminal damage down 20%, bus incidents down 32%, train/tube incidents down 37% – all good stuff. However, some areas of crime have shown steep rises: assault is up 26%, residential burglary up 17%, domestic violence up 38%, fly-tipping up 26%, racist offences up 94%.  However, the report goes on to say that crime has fallen since 2008/09.

The document is worth a read if you have the time.





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