Feb 28 2013

Harrow Conservatives – Councillor’s Diary

conservative_logoCllr Stephen Wright (Pinner, Conservative) has authored the latest of the Harrow Conservatives Councillor Diaries this week…

My day began with completing a response to a resident who had written to me about gritting problems he experienced during the recent snowy weather. I assured him that his concerns had been passed onto the highways team. After hand delivering the letter I headed to the Civic Centre, as my first port of call for the day.

Councillors receive a large number of e-mails on a daily basis – usually 40 to 50 in my case. The recent problems with the new Council e-mail system have made it difficult for councillors to communicate with residents and officers in a timely way, so I always make time to go through my e-mails when I’m in the office.

You can read the full article here.

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