Jul 15 2015

Harrow Conservatives: Labour’s “assaults on Harrow’s heritage” over College Road development

conservative_logoDear Editor,

On the 20-storey tower block now set to dominate College Road and wreck views of St. Mary’s Church and other landmarks, Cllr. Keith Ferry is quoted saying he and his Labour colleagues were “impressed by the high quality of architecture” (2nd July). This is interesting, because at the Planning Committee meeting when they voted to approve it he was critical of the architecture, essentially suggesting it was the best Harrow could get. In fact, the development will be about as far from world class architecture as you’ll find – the Campaign for a Better Harrow Environment called it “bulky, slab-like” and the Harrow Hill Trust said it resembles “a 1960s public housing project done on the cheap”.

Cllr. Ferry is also quoted saying Labour are “confident this will lead to good quality homes being built”, again in direct contrast with his admission at the meeting that some of the flats will be “low quality”. Indeed, 14 of them won’t meet the minimum ‘space standard’. To put this in perspective, this ‘standard’ allows the building of flats so small you could fit 7 of them on a tennis court. There are also very real concerns about the lack of parking provision within the plans, and putting a development containing 300 flats down a narrow road will almost inevitably lead to traffic problems.

For these reasons and more the Conservative members of the Committee voted against the plans for 51 College Road, and view Labour’s endorsement of them as an assault on Harrow’s heritage. Instead of pushing for a once-in-a-lifetime development that Harrow could be proud of, Labour have saddled future generations with a hulking mediocrity that they know full well isn’t good enough, but which will soon dominate Harrow’s skyline for decades to come.


Cllr. Stephen Greek

Conservative Planning Spokesman

Harrow Council

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  1. F.D.Billson

    What else would one expect from Keith Ferry . He is not interested in Harrow heritage but only in turning Harrow into a Socialist enclave .Look at his efforts to vandalise Pinner Park Farm. He has to be stopped from completely ruining Harrow.

  2. Old Harrocian

    Could you let us know if there are any groups public can join to protest these planning
    we have kodak site college rd site gayton rd site pinner farm site no HARROW OBS so all going along with no discussions
    Look whats happened to bradstowe house so far about 3000 flats think of No of people and No cars

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