Jan 09 2017

Harrow Council – 1.2 stars out of 5 say residents

harrow_council_broken_2In an entirely unscientific study, Google’s users have ranked Harrow 1.2 stars out of possible maximum of five, according to the internet giant’s webpages.

If you search Google for ‘harrow council’ you’ll get a information panel to the right of the screen, showing you a map, directions, photos, and – at the time of writing – 114 reviews of the organisation. Out of the 114, two reviews give the council 5-stars (including a review about the brown bin disaster, so that looks like a mistake to me). There are three 3-star reviews and five 2-star reviews. The remainder, well over 90%, rank the council a lowly 1-star – the lowest score possible, all of which rolls out to an average of 1.2 – and that includes the five stars given erroneously, above.

So, what are the council getting wrong? Pretty much everything, according to the reviews:

  • “Total disaster! Staff with rude and poor attitude, interrupting while person is talking to them, making hypothetical excuses(equivalent of 7year old) that are completely irrelevant to your problem…” says Hanzped.
  • “The council is going deeper and deeper into a pile of “&$%!” reports Emma.
  • Nevan says that “Bin collections are rubbish” and updates that with “They didn’t even arrive to collect and dispose of large items arranged for today which I paid for (about £100 normal price for three items), and delayed until tomorrow, but I could have chosen several private companies with cheaper prices and a more reliable service.”
  • Meanwhile, Trinal reports that “Terrible council the customer service people are so rude. They lose all your stuff and send you to bailiff for no reason. They don’t speak to you over the phone and always try to avoid helping you. Easily the worst council in London. No respect is shown to the people. Even there [sic] machines are faulty there whole system is atrocious.”
  • Roy describes it as “Just awful. Hours waiting. Always referred to the website by an auto service. If the way they treat residents of the borough is anything to go by, it doesn’t fill me with any kind of confidence that they are effectively or efficiently managing services.”

In comparison, neighbours Brent scored 1.6, Hillingdon 4.1, Ealing 1.4.

Both Chief Executive Michael Lockwood, and Council Leader Cllr Sachin Shah should hang their heads in shame. You can read more on the sorry state of our council here.


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