Oct 26 2012

Harrow Council Admits ‘Police Cube’ a ‘Waste of Public Money’

Harrow Council has finally admitted that residents and users of Harrow Town Centre have known for a long time: the ‘police cube’ erected in St  Anne’s Shopping Centre was a ‘waste of public money’, and that it has served ‘no useful purpose’.’

Cllr Willian Stoodley (Labour, West Harrow) extracted these admissions of failure from Leader Bill Stephenson at Harrow Council’s monthly cabinet meeting earlier in October.

Having been in place for two years, following problems connecting power and water, the Metropolitan Police indicated that they only make low level use of it. Cllr Stephenson continued by describing it as an ‘ugly excrescence’, saying as soon it was got rid of, the better.

Cllr Stoodley continued “…in the light of this architectural monstrosity hardly being used since its erection in St Ann’s Shopping Centre, do you agree with me that as part of the regeneration programme, it would be an excellent idea to, in conjunction with the Police of course, discuss the replacement of this blight on the St Ann’s landscape with a more user friendly, fit for purpose and architecturally appropriate facility?”

Bill Stephenson could only reply, “Yes, absolutely”



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