Mar 16 2013

Harrow Council and the £100 per hour ‘temp’ worker

julie_aldersonTwo years ago, in March 2011, Harrow Council employed an interim corporate director. The general expectation, of course, of ‘interim’ is short term, or until they could get someone in on a permanent contract to do the job. As the Harrow Observer said back then, “Julie Alderson joined Harrow Council as interim corporate director of finance for six months after the departure of Myfanwy Barratt to the House of Commons on March 13.”

Six months. So how come she’s still there 24 months later? And did you know she was on £16,300 per month for those “six months?” That’s equivalent to £195,000 per year. And it’s a huge improvement on the £10,000 per month fee she demanded in her previous role at Kirklees Council.

Fast forward to February 2012, almost twice as long as she’d been expected to be there, and we find that Ms Alderson is now Corporate Director of Resources on £142,000 per year, plus pension, although suddenly, she’s no longer “interim” as well.

Ms Alderson has an interesting background. At the risk of regurgitating old news, it’s worth pointing out that Unison Harrow were less than pleased with the appointment, back in 2011 – and more so when they learned that Ms Alderson has claimed almost £12,000 in expenses, such as light bulbs and batteries during her time at Kirklees Council where she “…had responsibility for cost-cutting…”

We don’t know if Ms Alderson has claimed expenses at Harrow, because Harrow Council won’t tell us, although they have publicly said that she won’t.

But this is the same Julie Alderson who described Harrow as her “second best” offer, after losing out the Kirklees Council permanent role – something she took to Facebook to bitch and moan about: writing to a former colleague at Kirklees, she said: “You really should try to make an effort to get on with David Smith despite the fact that we both know they chose the wrong person.”

Oh dear.

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