May 28 2016

Harrow Council and the “Harrow Ambition Plan”

harrow_council_brokenHarrow Council has launched the “Harrow Ambition Plan” showing all the fabulous promises it is making which will come in over the next four years. In the pithy introduction, ex-leader Cllr David Perry notes: “Our vision and priorities for Harrow are to work together to make a difference for all our communities, families, businesses and vulnerable people, ensuring everyone has access to opportunities to improve their lives.”

Readers with time on their hands might like to compare and contrast this to the Harrow Labour manifesto for the 2014 election, and see which promises have quietly dropped off the radar, been swept under the carpet, or simply forgotten about – you can read that here.

If you’d like to read the 31-page plan, you can download that here (yes, we took a copy in case it gets removed by the council’s Ministry of Truth).

Still, it’s good to see that plan didn’t distract any council leadership or officers from their day jobs. Or did it…


Chief Executive Michael Lockwood, poster-boy for the plan (page 31 if you wondered…).


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