Dec 21 2017

Harrow Council Announce Tom Whiting as new Interim Chief Exec

Following the impending departure of current Harrow Council Chief Exec, Mike Lockwood, the council has announced the the man keeping the seat warm until they find a permanent replacement, will be Tom Whiting.

Whiting, who was up against one other person for the post, will be in place from January 6th, 2018, up until mid-May. he joined in 2005, and currently holds the post of Corporate Director of Resources.


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  1. Sonoo Malkani

    Wishing Mike Lockwood the very best in his new post as Director General of the Independent Office of Police Conduct(IOPC)which replaces the IPCC(Independent Police Complaints Commission).He will be starting late January 2018 with a larger team and with considerable more powers than the IPCC had.Let’s hope we have much better outcomes in future.Wish Mike and his family a Merry Christmas and Happy 2018.

    Good to hear Tom Whiting has stepped into his shoes as Interim Chief Executive for Harrow Council.Wish him and everyone at Harrow Council a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    1. Someonewhocares

      The IPCC definitely needed improvements but I don’t really see what these ‘considerable more powers’ are Sonoo: https://www.ipcc.gov.uk/page/becoming-the-iopc Care to elucidate?

      Now that Police numbers have been cut by 17.500 over the last 5 years perhaps we can expect to see many more complaints against our overworked remaining officers, too, as they struggle to cope?

      Worth mentioning here of course that households here can all expect to pay £12/yr extra via Council Tax to partly make up for the £100m/yr Cuts on the MET, too….

    2. red mirror

      yes sonoo bully for Lockwood and his masonic chums wishing them all the full fruits of their labors granted by their master .To all the christian folk of harrow i wish you good tidings in Jesus name amen.

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