Dec 05 2012

Harrow Council Announced Draft 2013-14 Budget

Harrow Council has today announced its draft 2013-14 Budget. It’s a long document, and you can read the original here if you want the detail.

The Council has four priorities:

  • Keeping neighbourhoods clean, green and safe.
  • Supporting and protecting people who are most in need.
  • United and involved communities.
  • Supporting our town centre, our local shopping centres and businesses.

…and says, “As far as is possible we want to try to limit the levels of cuts and savings required from service areas that play a vital role in delivering key outcomes in priority areas.”

The summary for the 2013-14 budget is as below:

Conservative Group Leader, Cllr. Susan Hall, said: “The Leader of the Council has already admitted there will be cuts ‘to the bone’ and that Labour are even ‘nipping into the bone marrow’. In addition to these cuts, Labour plan to increase council tax by 2%, at a time when Harrow residents are still struggling financially – when it’s likely other councils across London are planning freezes. These service cuts and council tax increase are consequences of Labour’s poor financial management and their inability to make big decisions over the last two
and a half years.”

She went on, “…we will now be going through it in detail, as we’re very concerned at the severity of cuts Labour look set to inflict on Harrow’s services.”

The Budget will get it’s first, real, public airing at the Council’s Cabinet meeting on December 13, 2012 – and it’s looking as if it’ll be a night of lively debate. You can find agendas and background documents for that meeting here.


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