Jun 08 2016

Harrow Council Announces £10k Community Fund for Deprived Wards

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has announced a plan in two parts of the borough – South Harrow and Wealdstone – where £10,000 is made for comunity projects to improve the area.

The Council says: “Do you have an idea, big or small, that could improve where you live? Is there an important issue that you think needs tackling? We’ve put £10,000 aside to support community projects in your area. Now we need you to put it to good use!”

From recycling to fun days, sports to park improvements, they want My Harrow Fund to support community-led projects that improve lives and neighbourhoods.

These projects can be just getting off the ground, or already have found some, but not all, of the money they need.

Further information can be found by searching for “my south harrow” or “my wealdstone” in Facebook or via the Council’s website at www.harrow.gov.uk/myharrowfund. Or you can download the leaflet here.

mysouthharrowAll qualifying applications will be considered by a panel made up of your local councillors. Winners will be announced in the first week of August.

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  1. john jacobs

    Just do your job properly that is the one council tax payers paid for…
    Remove litter from rubbish bins
    Clean the streets daily..not these ….weeks of action jokes…. which happen once in a blue moon.
    Pick up all grass cuttings to prevent weeds growing in roadside gullies.
    Better still cut grass verges not every 6weeks but every 2 weeks.

    All that will go a long way to improve the area.and improve community harmony.

  2. Mike N

    I don’t think 10 grand is going to be enough to sort out the dirty, litter strewn run down areas of Wealdstone and South Harrow that have been going down hill fast. What is needed is for Harrow Council to do their job properly. No hope of that happening. After all they need the money for more yellow lines and 20 MPH zones with numerous speed humps.

  3. Harrow Dude

    £10k to sort Wealdstone out? Which brainstorming thinking outside the box consultant thought of that. How about proper enforcement and a regular police presence. How many FPN’s have been issued in Wealdstone compared to Harrow town centre?

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    i agree with the previous comments. Harrow council just do the job you are paid to do. Remember if any volunteers were to come up with ideas for events in Wealdstone the council would ask for payment for the use of the highway.

    Taxing volunteers if they want to put events on in the parks or roadside must be one of the council’s most stupid ideas ever and there are many to choose from not forgetting the brown bin fiasco.

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