Apr 08 2013

Harrow Council Announces 17% of jobs to be lost

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has informed the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills that it will reduce the number of jobs at the Council by 432 over the next three years – a total of 17% of the workforce.

The statutory letter to the Secretary of State identifies cuts to the grant the council receives from central Government as the reason for the redundancies. Between 2010 and 2014, the council will have reduced its budget by £75m – a 30% reduction and between 2014-16 by a further £30m.

The council has scaled back its recruitment and has been employing agency staff to keep vacancies open so that there are more redeployment opportunities for staff made redundant. Where possible the council will seek to redeploy staff so that the actual number of staff lose their jobs will be far lower.

The council will reduce its workforce by adopting new ways of working such as introducing technology and becoming more efficient, which will reduce staff numbers but protect frontline services. One example is the introduction of Prism which will save £1.85m over two years but will provide residents and businesses with a more efficient service. By merging street-based services such as licensing, environmental health, noise patrols and road maintenance, and introducing new technology, customers will have access to more and quicker information.

Cllr Graham Henson, Portfolio Holder for Performance, Customer Services and Corporate Services, said: “While we are very sorry that we will have to lose some staff, the council has had to respond to the challenging financial environment and find new, more efficient and smarter ways of working. We will do everything we can and work with the unions to ensure that any staff affected are helped and supported. We don’t expect the final number of staff to actually lose their jobs to be anywhere near the 432 as we will look to redeploy them into vacancies over the next three years.”

Source: Harrow Council

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