Jun 02 2016

Harrow Council Announces Car Park Closures Across Borough

harrow_council_broken_2Relentless in their efforts to drive businesses to bankruptcy, to keep shoppers out of the the town centres (less shoppers, less mess, right?) and to generally find a reason to make more money out of unsuspecting residents, the council has announced that it intends to close two of the borough’s council-operated car parks. “The general effect of the above order is to close two Council car parks. It is proposed to close the Stanmore Broadway car park behind The Broadway, Stanmore, and Gayton Road car park in central Harrow” says the notice of proposal.

No doubt parking charges elsewhere will increase “to dynamically manage demand” or something.

Both Stanmore Broadway car park (with 38 spaces on Saturdays and 9 during the week) and Gayton Road car park (283 spaces) are slated for closure at some point soon. Source for car park spaces can be found here.

Missed that? The council’s announcement was dated April 21, 2016, and Stanmore Broadway’s fate was presented in a cabinet paper in February 2016. The Gayton Road car park was identified back in 2013 as having potential for 374 houses by the Mayor of London’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment.

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  1. Bazza0803

    They are proposing closing the car park at the top of Vaughan Road as well :-

    Adam Khan Architects (www.adamkhan.co.uk), recently appointed to look at how new homes and community facilities might be accommodated on the current car park site at the corner of Vaughan Rd and Bessborough Rd.


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