Aug 20 2015

Harrow Council Announces Dismal Failure of it’s own ASB Strategy

harrow_council_logoUnder the headline of “Stamping out anti-social behaviour” Harrow Council announced it had issued 178 fines for littering across the borough:

178 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN’s) have been issued by enforcement officers, as tough measures to tackle anti-social behaviours such as spitting and littering come into force across Harrow. The fines, which were introduced in April 2015, are helping to keep the borough cleaner and safer.

Is 178 good? Bad? Actually, it’s pretty poor. Compare it with Merton:

Merton Council’s cabinet member for environmental cleanliness, Councillor Judy Saunders said: “Since April our enforcement officers have issued over 2,000 fixed penalty notices to people caught littering in our town centres.”

Why would the council blow it’s own trumpet over such a dismail failure of its “tough measures” when Merton is doing so much better? Both are Labour-run councils, so it’s not as if there is a political difference. Maybe it’s just the ineffectual leadership that has resulted in such poor performance?

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    Council may not be effifient on there spitting and litterfines.But there very effective on there cctv parking fines. All over the borough people are being fined at CDMachines 2 mins to collect £30 and fined £55 (when £15 would be correct) Most of these people are visitors to the borough congested parking and have to drive around to find the machines. PLUS many fines for dropping or picking up children pensioners etc at bus stops (not bus lanes )
    1 MIN for £55 FINE ( AGAIN £15 would be fair MILLIONS POUNDS where does it go
    Time this practice was HALTED

  2. mike mcfadden

    What else can be said without insulting Harrow’s loony-labour further!! All Harrow can do is bash whats left of our dwindling home owning democracy. My view, Harrow does not want to be proven wrong about who commits these anti social crimes against the tax-payers in the borough. Its not rocket science. We need change. Ave a nice day.

    1. Someonewhocares

      This may be seen as provocative but didn’t Thatcher start the whole crazy property boom with the ‘Right To Buy’ (at a huge discount) scheme? The days home-owning is now beyond the reach of many thanks to the resultant artificial price of property, and ‘society’ went down the pan with it…

  3. mike mcfadden

    Someone who care. “yeah” No doubt you’ll want to blame Mrs Thatcher for this spat of tropical weather about to dawn on us.
    NO Mrs T did NOT start a property boom. The sale of council homes at a discount to those that had lived in them for many years was done because NOBODY had carried our reasonable repairs under Labours “public works” department over many years because there was NO money left in 1979. I wonder if you’ve heard that before!! We were left with 25% inflation but the loonies teachers never tell you that. They only tell you about the 15% interest rate. That was needed to control raving inflation. Guess who left us with it!!!!!!

    We also had Labours exchange control act meaning money did not flow into the U.K because money could not be taken out of the country easily. You could not take more then £25 of YOUR own money out of the country. The Unions “yes the Unions” believed “wrongly” the toils of the working man would leave the country. In truth the opposite happened and money poured into the country. “Reason” because people could take it out easily” !!!

    Returning to the master stroke of selling poorly maintained homes to tenants had the miraculous result of clearing huge debt and making working poor folk, ie Milkman, Coal man, Council workers, postal workers, teachers, nurses unable to get that lift up in life and making them PROUD of themselves and their COUNTRY. Fact is often stranger then fiction!! Common-Sense, You know it makes sense!!! Not rocket science. Innit Mate!! ha ha ha you just gotta laugh. Ave a nice day!!

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    Has Banksy visited Harrow? Who were the artists who created Dismal Land in Harrow?.

  5. Someonewhocares

    No, I will NOT be ‘blaming Thatcher for the weather’… but when I read that I wondered if I should actually bother reading the rest…. but anyway, as you seem to consider yourself an expert on the issue perhaps you could now explain exactly why a typical semi in 1979 was about 4 times the average salary and yet now is about 14 times? Oh and don’t forget Maggie was kicked out by her own Party, either!

  6. mike mcfadden

    The reason is “Simple” Nu-Labour allowed unfettered immigration and huge sums of our money paid in housing benefits without proper checks and balances. Apparently, in HARROW all you needed to do was phone up and get sent housing benefits. One house opposite me had 5 benefits cheques each time. Further HARROW would take in “lost” children and failed asylum seekers. Also HARROW it is alleged did not chase up housing benefit fraud if the household had a child under 7 years.!! Nor it seemed jolly foreigners that were wrongly claiming free money !

    This also lead to white flight in London and other cities. (Subterfuge is a powerful weapon)

    Where our own were priced out because they did not lie to claim £950,£1350 or £1640 per month free state hand outs so could not compete on homes in areas were they were born and had family connections! As I understand it over 500,000 social homes have gone to foreigner with NO connection to the area. I’ve also heard of foreigners turning up with dish washers and asking the council to modify their kitchens to fit. Further, Council officials have been asked by new arrivals allegedly “fleeing persecution” they only want a property with a right to buy!!!!

    So, the answer is, if you purport to care you must first understand what is going on!!!!

    Its not Rocker science. Innit Mate.

  7. Someonewhocares

    Oh dear…between all your ‘apparentlys’ and ‘I have heards’ etc you did NOT actually answer my question, did you? Instead you merely used it as an opportunity to embark on another xenophobic rant, did you not? Do you feel better now? All the ‘rocket science/innit/ave a nice day’ remarks don’t help either. If you can not simply answer the question posed then don’t reply.

  8. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    Question what age does the litter/spitting fine cover meaning does it cover minors if so what age from.

    1. Someonewhocares

      Good question – but see the ‘youths’ reference within:


  9. mike mcfadden

    Don’t be daft of course i answered your question. I’m sorry if you expected their telephone numbers and what they had for breakfast.
    The truth is you and your loony friends don’t like the truth you just want to whinge and whine and use made up isms of why others are wrong.
    I can go on about Labours misguided mismanaged cock-up’s for much longer. I don’t think I touched on Labour’s “retail price maintenance board” and more.
    However, its not my job to try and re:educate brainwashed lefties that want to be fluffy, pink and wonderful but let others pay. Ha ha ha You really need to get out more and go back to your loony-left teachers who obviously blighted your life with lies and deceit.!!

    In the words of “George Orwell” The more society drifts from the truth so they will hate those that speak it!! Now look in the mirror the Loony Left are full of envy and hate for those that can think for themselves. Ave a nice day!!

  10. Someonewhocares

    The only hatred in evidence here is clearly emanating from you: You quote George Orwell without ‘apparently’ realising your own remarks are also essentially a work of unduly-biased fiction… and your own Behaviour is Anti-Social if not downright Ant-Societal! Never mind….No, again you most certainly did NOT answer the question – not even remotely – hence your unnecessary sarcasm no doubt – but at least we now all know just *how* closed YOUR mind is, so I for one will not be responding further so you have an excuse to vent your spleen – as you clearly need to… please get some help!

  11. iharrow.com

    …and at this point, I think it’s a good place to draw this discussion to a close.

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