Mar 03 2017

Harrow Council Announces “Hoarders’ project”

Harrow Council’s Asset Management team have secured £80k through the London Fire Brigade’s Community Safety Investment Fund for a project aimed at reducing hoarding across Harrow.

Affecting around 2-6% of the population, hoarding behaviour can be very complex, often caused by deep emotional problems, so simply clearing the property may cause severe trauma and make the situation worse. But a hoarder’s home could be unsafe because contractors cannot get in to undertake repairs and improvements and there is increased fire risk.

A project officer has been appointed who will work in partnership with colleagues across the Council with up to 20 hoarders over the next 12 months to provide intensive support to try to change the hoarding behaviour.

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  1. Linda Robinson

    So if I know a hoarder who I haven’t been able to help on my own and who could benefit from this project, do we know how I can bring them to the attention of the project officer? Or is that not how it’s supposed to work?
    I can’t find anything about it on Harrow’s dysfunctional website.

  2. Wealdstone Warrior

    I nearly choked on my tea when I read this article! Why doesn’t the Council concentrate on the rogue landlords and tenants subletting, hoarding people in unsanitary conditions, beds in sheds, and rent a mattress mob. 28 people were found to be living in one house according to this article in the Harrow Times http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/15126707.28_people_found_living_in_one_house_during_crackdown_on_dodgy_landlords/?ref=mrb&lp=6

    Polly & Chums will not admit that these type of multiple mattress homes are the cause of the fly tipping, they simply bury their head in the sand as not to offend anyone.

    Back to the topic of Hoarding, I agree hoarding is a sign of some sort of problem etc, and I grew up in a hoarder home, which was not very pleasant and left as soon as I could do so.

    I agree on the Health & Safety aspect that Hoarding can cause. For instance if a hoarder is surrounded by box’s, clothes and other stuff and their home catch’s on fire, then they are stuffed as it is an accident waiting to happen. Not to mention a fire spreading to neighbouring homes. Regardless if you are renting or you own your own home, people have a duty of care towards others and you should ensure your home is of an acceptable safety standard.

    However, what right do the Council have to snoop into other peoples homes and what do they consider hoarding and to what level do they consider someone a hoarder. Anyone remember the TV series ‘Life of Grime’ and Mr Treebus, now he was a hoarder, eventually the authorities did intervene and he got help and support which was the right thing to do, due to the unsanitary conditions he was living in and rodents running around in the garden + the smells.

    Can the Council obtain access to a person private home I wonder? Or can the homeowner tell them to naff off and sue them for harassment?

    If a Council property, then the Council as the landlord has reasonable rights to check on the condition of a property by pre-arranged appointment. Same goes for other social housing properties.

    Are they going to allow one pet per household!? No more mad cat ladies hoarding their furry friends.

    How much is this appointed project manager + staff going to cost the council tax payers of Harrow? Is this why council tax has been increased, so the council can snoop around residents homes? I thought the Council money pot was empty as Polly Parrot & chums continuously repeat about cuts!

    Just a thought, I have a very cunning plan. If I don’t tidy up for a few months and pile up my bin bags, I can call the council tell them I’m a hoarder and get them to come round and tidy up for me.

  3. Wealdstone Warrior

    Lots of useful free advice and support here for Hoarders on this website http://www.helpforhoarders.co.uk/resources/

    I noticed the Council have received a grant of £80k from LFB, is this to pay the salary of one project officer or for many?

    A lot of household fires are caused in very tidy and clean homes, from phone chargers, hair straighteners, washing machines, tumble driers, fridges, overloaded extension leads etc. Switch electrics off if you are not using them and never leave them unattended when using.

    1. red mirror

      warrior that is very good advice my friend and all too often overlooked fire is incredibly swift and silent as you say ALWAYS TURN OFF APPLIANCES prevention is better than cure keep safe people and thank you again wealdstone warrior for highlighting this crucial issue god bless.

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