Nov 03 2017

Harrow Council Announces Pop-Up Dinner. In rat-infested underpass.

It’s unlike the council to miss an opportunity to tell us all how great it is. But in this case, we can understand why it has decided to make an exception. Remember, if you will, that this is the council where the social media team spent their time watching animal porn on Twitter (says Gizmodo, The Mirror, the Evening Standard, and us).

Cast your mind back to 2015, and this video of the Lowlands/Bessborough Road underpass:


Delightful, isn’t it.

According to the video’s publisher, although this was taken in 2015, as of three months ago, the rat infestation is still a problem. Which makes it an odd spot for the council to decide to hold a “Food Happening” (no prizes for making up that name…) event there this weekend:

No details have leaked out, and we can’t imagine a stampede to munch a burger whilst rats are running around, so we won’t be going (or even applying for two-for-a-tenner tickets). Thanks to P Smith for the original video. You had finished eating dinner, hadn’t you?

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  1. Concerned Harrowvian

    Did the animal porn watched by Harrow’s social media team involve rats. ? Perhaps one of rats starred in the movie and the rest of the rats were extras. The mind boggles!
    I will not be attending this event as I would not be able to cope with the images this would conjure up.

  2. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    The Council/Company/Team behind this did one in a car park last Weekend ,it did not look appealing ,if your going to copy Raymond Blanc then at least use some of the nicer locations or tart them up a bit more

  3. Hectors House (@NegligentRail)

    The event in the underpass looked a hundred times better than the one in a car park a lot of effort seems to have gone into this one.

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