Apr 16 2013

Harrow Council Backtracks over Taxicard Withdrawals

taxicardIf you’ve had your Harrow Council Taxicard withdrawn due to ‘lack of use’, you may be in luck.

iharrow.com has heard of at least one case where a resident hadn’t used their card over the last year, as they had managed to rely on help from their family. This effort in helping reduce the cost burden on the scheme backfired, when the Council cancelled the resident’s membership in the scheme “…in line with its [the Council’s] policy on concessionary travel…” without notice. We’ve asked the Council for a copy of the policy it refers to.

The resident appealed against the move, via their local councillor, and was informed a week or two later that the card has been reinstated.

If you’ve been similarly affected, you can find your local councillor here.

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