May 30 2014

Harrow Council Bans Own Mayor from IT System

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council seems to have wasted no time in kicking off those councillors who didn’t win a seat in last weeks’ election from its IT system, as the screenshot from Nana Asante, previous councillor for Edgware and still the Mayor of Harrow shows.

Clearly, those councillors who did lose their seats should have their access withdrawn promptly – it’s good IT security practice, after all – but since Ms Asante is still Mayor, and isn’t replaced until the Mayor Making ceremony on June 12th, isn’t this a little premature?

We’ve asked Harrow Council for a comment, and are awaiting their response.


Source: @CllrNana on Twitter

Also interesting to note that the Council is using software from 2008 – weren’t they due to modernise this as part of a massive contract with Capita?

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  1. sonoo malkani

    This is just the way the cookie crumbles—Councillors not elected are taken off the Council’s email register.However,it’s amazingly hasty and premature for Harrow Council to remove the serving Mayor’s email when she is still in post till 12 June.That should be put right and the office of the Mayor shown due respect.

  2. Harrow Dude

    Sonoo I refer you to the events of September 16th 2013.
    Where was the “due respect”


  3. King David

    Due respect was shown by ripping up the constitution in a secret deal between Labour Leader and Group with Tories

  4. Concerned Harrovian

    I am sure this must be an oversight on the part of some council employee. I am sure no one would summarily remove the Mayor of Harrow from a means of communication with those she needs to contact so she may carry on her duties.

    An apology from the Council and a reinstatement of the Mayor on the IT system would be the next step. Also perhaps the line manager in the IT department should supervise his staff more closely. Surely every council employee should be aware of the name of the current Mayor.

    1. Harrow Dude

      What council employee would would remove the Mayor from the IT system without instruction?
      Someone must have issued the order.
      Oversight is not an excuse at that level or indeed any level. If Harrow Council are truly transparent tell us how this happened.

      Who was responsible? Name please…

  5. Concerned Harrovian

    A good title for a whodunit would be ” The mystery of the deleted Mayor of Harrow”. Amateur sleuths get your thinking caps on and let us know who the villain is in this mystery.

    1. the red mirror

      its all very well making light of this issue but it has serious implications i mean how concerned are you harrovian not very i would suggest please listen to the dude and let him educate you.

  6. King David

    Revenge time by officers and Labour- be very afraid…

  7. sonoo malkani

    Don’t you think it’s high time the knives were put away and that EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the Council’s payroll just got their heads down and worked like crazy to work FOR the PUBLIC of Harrow?The public of Harrow is not interested in personal vendettas which have got on their nerves.Just start afresh and get on with the task in hand!

    It would be contra productive if energies were wastefully diverted to settling personal scores when the community—- who fund those in positions of power crave their services —services they should get as a matter of right.We don’t want a post-mortem of who did what to whom.Just give us our money’s worth and ensure our borough is one we can all be proud of.

    1. the red mirror

      sonoo the thing is it seems that certain people in certain roles within the council have too much time to spare dare i say town center bun eating coffee drinking team leader grossly over weight and hides most of the day remove people like that and were on our way

  8. Karen Kastello

    Rumour has it that Harrow Labour Group is planning to depart from tradition, and elect a Councillor who has not been Deputy Mayor, as Mayor for 2014-2015 on 12th June 2014. what is happening to our council and who is violating our traditions.

  9. Dame Betty

    The rumour seems to be true. Labour is putting forward a candidate, and appears intent on by passing a worthy deputy Mayor.

    There is a petition at


  10. sonoo malkani

    If I remember correctly,this has happened once before,not so long back.Would be a terrible shame if the office of the Mayor is used as a political pawn!There must be some clear guidelines about these matters which are already in place and should be honoured.

    Seems fair that the Deputy Mayor, who has already been in post for the Mayoral year,be the natural successor.Let’s wait patiently and see what happens.It is not to our credit to assist in spreading rumours.

    Sincerely hope Harrow goes forward with dignity this time round and nothing which brings us into disrepute is repeated at any of our official ceremonies.

    1. Dame Betty

      It is not a question of assisting in spreading rumours. It is prudent to act before it is too late, and pointless to wait until 12th June when someone other than the Deputy Mayor has been voted in as Mayor before acting. It is not a secret that the Labour Group is putting forward a Councillor as Mayor, and it is for this reason that there is a petition.

  11. Concerned Harrovian

    The Red Mirror

    If you look at my original comment, I did object to the removal of the Mayor from the IT system as it would prevent her from carrying out her duties. My comment about the whodunit was to suggest that this was about the level the request to reinstate her would be considered by those responsible.

    Harrow Dude asked for the name of the person responsible. I think the response to that will be in the words of Lewis Carroll’s nonsense poem The walrus and the carpenter – ” and answer came there none”

    1. the red mirror

      i like your answer sir bravo and well said i stand corrected please accept my appology.

  12. Lisa

    Can someone please tell me how they know that that Camilla will not be the next Mayor ?

    1. Dame Betty

      Perhaps you could contact Harrow Labour Group and ask them to confirm that they have not put someone forward to be Mayor. My information is that their candidate was selected on 31st May

      1. iharrow.com

        I did indeed ask Harrow Labour if the rumours were true… They refused to confirm or deny until the “official” mayor making ceremony. No press release, no comment, no nothing.

        1. Dame Betty

          It seems clear that Harrow Labour intends to sideline the Deputy Mayor. Concerned residents should let the Group know that they want tradition to be followed and for the Deputy Mayor to become Mayor on 12th June.

        2. Willy Stoodley

          When I was chair of Harrow Labour Group Rekha Shah eanted to contest Nana Asante for Deputy Mayor but was late with her nomination form so I couldn’t allow it to be submitted, so Nana became Dep Mayor. Trad is in Lab gp that Dep Mayor bexomes Mayor but Rekha Shah challenged Nana which caused a shedload of bad blood as you can imagine and was part of the reason for the split. So, Rekha Shah wants to be Mayor, i.e. not Dep. Mayor. In the meantime ILG & the Tories voted for Camilla as Dep Mayor while Labour voted for Ajay Maroo. So the big question is not only just will they vote for Camilla, it’s if they don’t, will they propose Rekha or Ajay…???????? Coz under their own protocol, BOTH should be voted by Labour as Mayor-which of course isn’t possibe. So Perry has his first challenge already-that is if he’s still leader. They’re awfully quiet, aren’t they? Considering they’re supposed to be running the local authority!

  13. sonoo malkani

    Dame Betty
    I am astounded to hear that the present Deputy Mayor is not being put forward as Mayor and that this is no secret.Members of public certainly have no knowledge of such thing. I had no idea there was a petition doing the rounds against this move.Seems like Harrow has lost its way!
    I have just spotted your link about this and will take a look at it right away.Quite disturbed to hear what is happening!

  14. Concerned Harrovian

    I agree with Ms Malkani. Harrow seems to have lost its way. The amount of disrespect shown to the office of Mayor is worrying. It should not be about personalities and parachuting in whoever is political favourite of the moment.

    The Mayor represents the borough of Harrow and attends events on behalf of the borough. Why has there been a change from the usual system, whereby having served an apprenticeship, the Deputy Mayor then becomes the next Mayor.

    There seems to be a spiteful campaign firstly to sabotage the outgoing Mayor Nana Asante and secondly the proposed next Mayor Camilla Bath. Residents view of politicians will sink even lower when they become aware of the chicanery that is going on.

    The Red Mirror – apology accepted and no hard feelings.

    1. the red mirror

      thanks you are a gent have a nice weekend sir.

  15. Karen Kastello

    Open Letter to Cllr. David Perry, cc cllr. Susan Hall, Hugh Peart

    Dear Cllr. Perry,

    I am a Harrow resident, and I believe it is the tradition in Harrow for the Deputy Mayor to become Mayor.

    Members of the Harrow community are concerned that it appears the Labour Group has decided to sideline the Deputy Mayor, and put forward another Councillor as Mayor on 12th June 2014.

    I am by this letter appealing to the Labour Group to be gracious and vote for the Deputy Mayor on 12th June. Putting forward a candidate other than the Deputy Mayor will be divisive and will bring the Mayoralty into disrepute.

    Kind regards

    Karen Kastello

  16. Karen kastello

    Councillors should realise they are elected to serve the people, not their own interests, they are therefore accountable to us. Why are we being fobbed off when we demand answers. Harrow Council seems to be full of self-serving political pundits.

  17. Concerned Harrovian

    I think the time has come to approach David Perry and ask that meetings be recorded. Ricky 123 has even volunteered to do this. Surely that kind of offer should not be rebuffed.

    It seems everything is smoke, mirrors and rumour at present. It seems as if councillors are behaving like freemasons with nods, winks and secret hand shakes I hope they are not dressing up as well! Councillors (all political parties) should behave in a transparent manner. REMEMBER WE VOTED YOU IN AND WE CAN VOTE YOU OUT1

  18. Harrow Dude

    Three things..
    1) I hope the incoming Labour administration are not going to begin their incumbency with a blatant exhibition of political machination for it would be a shame to carry on where Susie left off.

    2) I think Camilla will be an excellent Mayor and ‘do Harrow proud.’

    3) For the record…I am still not Gary…

  19. Dame Betty

    Cllr. David Perry has been informed that a petition will be presented tomorrow asking the Labour Group to observe tradition so that the Deputy Mayor is Mayor for 2014-2015.

  20. sonoo malkani

    I can only pray and hope ,for Harrow’s sake, that we do not trash our age old traditions ,which have served us handsomely in the past,out of the window and muddy our names even more.Just would be extremely unfair,utterly disgraceful and most damaging for our reputation.We have already been called dreadful names such as “Racist” and don’t want to provide more ammunition for our fiercest critics.

    I find it particularly galling—us being called a “Racist borough” which is a misrepresentation by people with hidden agendas.This fills me with much sadness particularly when this very borough proudly held its head high and was hailed as being NUMBER ONE for its excellent record against Racism.Many volunteers have worked tirelessly in different organisations to get us to that coveted place.May I hasten to add that I am not alleging any kind of racism about electing the new Mayor.Just want a fair deal for the candidate who is next in line.

    If the rumours which abound are true we will be found wanting yet again.We need to stop behaving like a bunch of lost people and misusing powers bestowed upon us,in good faith,by the local electorate..One wrong does not make a right.The politics of TIT FOR TAT must be halted at all costs.It is ruining our name and destroying the carefully nurtured over years of blood,sweat and tears.PERSONALITY POLITICS must end and be replaced with healthy PEOPLE POLITICS.Only then will we make headway.

    Harrovians resent being side-lined and their wishes ditched unceremoniously to suit certain folk.The eyes of London are focussed on Harrow Council since the past year. We need to conduct ourselves with dignity,honour and grace so that critics can be quickly silenced and our image of being a wonderful,caring harmonious borough be restored.We need peace and calm within our Council and EVERY Councillor giving off their best.

    The fact is that Harrow has been subjected to a very turbulent year prior to the local election and citizens have experienced so much that is contrary to our expectations of Harrow.Some of our elected politicians have carried on like fishermen and women ,both in private and in public. Hardly professional or helpful in retaining our image as a borough full of decent folk who work hard and are aspirational.This hurts the public of Harrow most.

    Whilst the public of Harrow do not seem to have any say in the” Mayor making ” it would be most prudent of the Council to remember that the people of Harrow deserve a better deal and want to witness fair play.Never mind past blunders.They must be avoided like the plague.

    Let us not forget that the General Elections are beckoning and every action we take will have a bright light shone on it.Please let us keep our sense of decency and show everybody that we are honourable folk and that Harrow is a very good,welcoming borough with people from all corners of the world ,making wonderful contributions.

  21. Concerned Harrovian

    If a Labour councillor is parachuted in as Mayor it will devalue the office of Mayor. This is because people will suspect that there is trickery involved. People will ask is this is a reward for something and what was it. Who would want a whiff of bad behaviour hanging around them when they performed the duties. Also what example is it setting young people of behaviour in public life.

    Whoever is promoted as a candidate will be accepting a poison chalice as they will be viewed as accepting the position that most of the residents think should be done in the customary way by allowing the Deputy Mayor to become Mayor. This needs to be put to a public vote if a custom held tradition is to change.

    There would be no problem in putting forward a Labour candidate the next time but on this occasion tradition should continue.

  22. Harrow resident

    Harrow voted in a Labour administration on 22nd May and if the rumours are true then it is only right that Harrow has a Labour Mayor for 2014/15. Sorry folks but that’s democracy in action for you…

    Where was your petition last year when the Council Leader lost the leadership vote and instead led a rogue administration propped up for by the Tories for six months with an ILG Mayor/Tory Deputy Mayor? In 2010 when a Labour administration succeeded a Tory administration a Labour Mayor was chosen over the outgoing Tory Deputy Mayor so it seems to me that “tradition” is being observed in this case…

  23. Karen Kastello.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right and democracy in not shady and underhanded. Whoever you are “Harrow Resident”, the petition is to stop history repeating itself in a distasteful way. I am sure I will never vote labour again if this is what they call democracy.

  24. Dame Betty

    In 2010 the Councillor who became Mayor had been Deputy Mayor in 2005. Tradition was therefore observed in that he became Mayor. In this case, the Labour Councillor. being proposed has not been Deputy Mayor.

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