May 21 2013

Harrow Council: Best London Council to do Business With

harrow_council_logoHarrow Council has been crowned the best council in London to do business with at a prestigious awards ceremony held at 10 Downing Street.

Harrow Council received the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) award for supporting small and medium-sized businesses and making it easy for local entrepreneurs to bid for Local Government business.

Only nine other Councils from across the country received a DCLG ‘Best Council to do business’ award on Wednesday (May 15). The winners were selected by a panel of industry experts and Local and Central Government representatives. Speaking at the event, Local Government Minister, Brandon Lewis, praised the ten winning authorities for cutting unnecessary red tape.

Harrow Council received the award for its outstanding practice and ability to understand local businesses. The Council’s Procurement Strategy adopted in 2011 has resulted in an increase in the percentage of spend with local small and medium sized businesses.

The judges were particularly impressed with the Council’s engagement with local businesses through the borough’s extensive network of traders’ associations, chamber of commerce, banks, Federation of Small Businesses, Large Employers, and Harrow in Business enterprise agency. The Council was praised for hosting the online Harrow Business Directory in which more than 1,000 registered firms receive monthly newsletters and events; researching the market extensively before tendering contracts to small and medium sized businesses; identifying relevant suppliers from the Harrow Business Director; and organising and promoting pre-market events.

Harrow Council Leader and Portfolio Holder for Contracts and Procurement, Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar, said: “We are extremely proud to have won such a prestigious award – supporting local businesses is at the heart of what we do and we are delighted that the Government has recognised this. By cutting unnecessary red tape and making it easier for small to medium sized businesses to bid to run our services we have bolstered the local economy. Our business growth rates are among the best in North West London and we outperform the economic powerhouses of Islington and Camden. The future of this borough is bright because it is dependent on our local businesses, town centre, and district centres which are thriving.”

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  1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

    And in which parallel universe would this be?

    Sky high parking charges and predatory traffic wardens

    Badly maintained streets

    Shopping centres filled with betting shops, loan-shark shops, pawn brokers, drinking holes and charity shops. By what definition is this a culture to do business?

    Stir in obstructive jobsworth “planning” officers whose sole objective seems to be a pain in the backside for an outrageous fee.

    Labour has presided over the haemorrhaging away of any decent officers before their CVs are too devalued by the Council’s failures, race politics and infighting.

    Look at any of our shopping centres at the seedy vacant and closing shops, the low grade businesses opening in their place.

    Residents screwed for higher taxes and charges locally and hammered by an idiot government and greedy utilities and no surprises that all but the gambling and drinking dens are closing.

    How this bunch of student union Marxists who’ve never had a proper job in the real world, got away with an award is a complete mystery. But its the “cuts” innit!

    Harrow twinned with Harare now that would be appropriate.

    BTW did our socialist masters get their Champagne at No10, joining Champers Phil in the club?

  2. David Richmond

    Couldn’t agree more. I have been trying to engage with Harrow since 2008 with no success.
    Currently I cannot even get an hour of a director’s time to explain how we could save Harrow a chunk of cash!

    1. Jeremy Zeid UKIP Harrow

      Oh yes, I forgot something.

      Since that financial genius The Great Gordo, Saviour of the Universe, screwed our Pens in funds to the tune of over £100 BILLION+ and that other moron Osborne has continued the process, many SHOPPING CENTRES and properties are owned by PENSION FUNDS who have hiked rents to make up for investment shortfalls.

      You’re ahead of me here….. Sooooooooooo, The shops cannot afford he rents and go out of business or relocate, soooooooooo, said funds hike rents, so more businesses close, so as income drops, they hike he rents…… its like being in a hall of mirrors.

      So for the sake of more government or council “revenue” to raise money to waste, our shops, apart from the loan-sharks, betting shops, pawnbrokers and drinking holes that suck money from the local economy, the rest close down or subdivide into ever smaller units to survive, leaving our shopping streets looking like cheap soukhs. Morons and cretins he whole bloody lot of them

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