Dec 19 2012

Harrow Council Booted from DVLA Database

parking_ticketLabour-run Harrow Council seems to have run into a spot of bother with the DVLA of late, which has resulted in its access to the huge online database of vehicle keepers being terminated.

Under the normal scenario, where a Council is responsible for issuing parking tickets, they simply ask the DVLA for the keeper name and address of the vehicle they’re after, promise to pay the DVLA somewhere around £1.50 per enquiry, and then the DVLA tell them everything they want to know. Of course, it’s all electronic and on-line these days – which causes concern, given Harrow’s recent IT security problems – and although everyone is fairly cagey on exactly how it works, it’s something like that.

Thanks to Big Brother Watch, and my good friend Mr Mustard, it seems all isn’t rosy. According to a Freedom of Information request made by the Taxpayer’s Alliance, Harrow has had it’s access terminated in September 2012 , following ‘audit issues’ almost a year earlier:


Harrow isn’t unique in this – some 308 organisations are listed (many two, or even three times, like Harrow), often where they’ve received a short ban, but we wonder how Harrow is getting around this. Do they outsource parking control to a third party? Is there a more manual process to obtain keeper details?

We’ve asked Harrow Council to explain the ‘audit issues’ and the subsequent ban – we await their reply with interest.

Very many thanks to Mr Mustard for the heads-up.

Update 10.01.2013 – Harrow Council say that their access to the DVLA isn’t suspended, and the audit that they had in 2011 showed nothing by recommendations, and no significant issues.


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