Oct 17 2013

Harrow Council Cabinet 17 October – live tweeting

random_space_fillerHarrow Council’s cabinet meeting kicks off tonight at the Civic Centre from 6.30pm. We’ll be tweeting events as they happen, so if you can’t get down for the show itself, you can follow us on twitter @iharrow – but please excuse the typos: its tough typing at speed on a mobile phone!

Updated 22.23 17.10.2013: If you found our live tweeting useful, informative, or if it just cluttered up your Twitter timeline, please let us know in the comments below. Yes, the spelling and grammar was awful, so you’l have to excuse that!  We’ll try and do it again at future meetings if there’s demand for it. Any other suggestions would also be useful (ie: too much or too little detail? Too many tweets? Too few? More observations? Less on-the-run quoting?)

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